Saturday, October 15, 2016

Watanabe Risa Blog Translation 161015

In few days ago there's a glasses frame that I wanted to buy,
But when I went to the shop it's already sold..
I tried to go to the other shop and then I bought the one and the last frame that available and replaced the old ones..
I was very very happy and really want to tell you about this until I made it become my blog title now

Watanabe Risa

Good Night !

I'm sorry it took some days to post new blog

Here I post remaining photos from last individual handshake meeting in Makuhari

With these two and Manaka,
we talked about planning to go to play together (^ν^)

And it must be really fun (laugh)

On those photos somehow my hair color is become dark,
But gradually it changed to a brighter color

I wonder what color that should I try next time ? (^ν^)

Tomorrow is Nationwide Handshake Meeting in Kyoto ! ! !
I will paired with Yone (Yonetani Nanami?) ^^

Because it's the last 2nd single handshake meeting,
Please come !

We will waiting (^ν^)!

Bye bye~\( ¨̮ )/


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