Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Watanabe Risa Blog Translation 161010


There was 2nd single last individual handshake meeting in Makuhari Messe yesterday !
Everyone who coming thank you very much (^ν^)

Though it's kinda too fast,
I was wearing halloween costume on 2nd block.
I was borrowing bunny-chan costume from Kumi-chan  〜(^ν^)

Maybe I will wear it again this year ! Or maybe not... ! (Laugh)

There still a lot of photos,
But I'm afraid it's gonna be too heavy..
So I will post it on the next blog

On 16th October there is 2nd single last nationwide handshake meeting in Kyoto... so,
Please come !!

In "FLASH special" that being released on 7th October
It has me and Manaka (Shida) in it ! !

It was really fun !! (The shooting)
I would be happy if you buy it.

See ya again later \( ¨̮ )/


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