Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kitano Hinako Blog Translation 161015

 I Should Press The Button 

Good night everyone !

It's Kitano Hinako here (。・・。)♪

Today was a bit warm,
And it made me happy ! ! !

I am often asked by people when I was walking outside !

And it's make me very happy !

Today, there were 2 group of Ojiichan and Obaachan who ask me and I answered it happily  !

Does this makes me very proud?
Because it took me 3 minutes while walking to think about it ! (Laugh)

I had shooting today.
There are shooting tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too,
And I will do my best ! ! !


It's time for lifting the ban of EX-Taishu magz that being released today !

Cinq Étoille is back with coupling song in 16th single ! ! !


I'm happy ! I'm really happy !

The music and dances are really good !
And we really want to perform it in front of everyone soon !

We will do our best to show the new evolution of Cinq Étoille  !

I hope we can get another event ~ ! ! !

Cinq Étoille banzai !

San-eto banzai ! (abbreviation)

Welcome back !

Cinq Étoille !

Today's blog is ended here !

During walk today,
I took Chippu's (her doge) suuuuuuuuperbly cute photo !

But I won't show it (`・ω・´)♪

Have a nice rest !

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