Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka Blog Translation 161017


I get selected as 16th single senbatsu member.

To get selected two times in a row is the first for me,
and it's also an honour for me to get selected as senbatsu member continously.

My position is the opposite from the last time.
But unchanged,
I'm still in far end of 3rd row

When I look ahead, I can see fukujin member's back lining up

And when I look at the horizontal sideways, I can see fellow friends who aiming to the same place

And now I know that that position is an exciting position.

So that's why every time I stand on that position
I can find new discoveries,
I can feel the pressure,
and I can catch a lot of things too

While feeling each member sparks
Then feeling the momentum of the group..
We ran through the summer

Absorption, it was an absorption summer.

Of course I want to have the feeling to aim the heights..
But there are a lot of things that I should do in this position now.

Though there are also gloomy power around me...
I will do it in my way, in my own pace.
I will put all my power in each step.

I don't know but recently I think that it wasn't like me...

Everyone who always supporting me,
Thank you so much.

With my clumsiness, stubbornes, and fragility
I can just make you feel worried.

And I think that I'm such a shameless person.

I was far from ideal,
There also times when I hate my self..

Everyone are still believing in me..
Keep pushing my back,
And saying wonderful words..

Those warm feelings are my power, my motivation.

Everyone who think of me as an idol,
I think that it's not an exaggeration to say it.

I might slow,
But I'm not in a rush and don't have anxiety.

I'm positive now ! (😭)

Because Nakamoto is a simple human,
Many people said that I only sparkling when I'm busy,
But when I have day off,
I often think about unnecessary things..

Though I have some worry with my works,
But after all the moment as an idol is the happiest.

So thats why,
I want to keep continue to answer all the expectations.

From now on too, please taking care of me.

Every fan have their own right to choose their idol (oshimen)

Is it a cheerful and have a healing presence ?

Is it a dangerous person which we can't leave her alone ?

Or is it a person who can potrait their good or bad appearance ?

It doesn't matter...

Because there's nothing happier than become an idol who get supported by fans.

In 16th single period, I want to grasp new things !

And I need to remember how to pull up strength from shoulder !

I will go rough with myself !

More than anything, I won't forget to enjoy it from deep of my heart !

Nanamin center congratulations !

Marika, Sayuri, Maichun
Welcome back.

Nakamoto Himeka

Ps : long and majime blog.
But it's an happy blog! Can you feel it?

Sorry for my bad grammar, or wrong or missed picked words

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