Saturday, October 8, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation ー その672 161007


Seven Eleven Limited Mini Live,
15th single nationwide handshake meeting,
And 15th single individual handshake meeting.

3 events in 3 days in Kyoto!
Thank you very much !

In nationwide handshake meeting, I was paired with Iori-chan !

The way she talked was so cute and it's made people who talk to her felt very comfortable (´,,•ω•,,`)

Because our talk tone was similar many people said "this pair is good ! " 

It was 1 day full of amazing discovery.

Iori-chan fans,
Thank you for get along with me!

And fans who came to meet me,
I'm really really happy !

Did you also get my poster ?

In individual handshake meeting,
we can talk one by one,
And it's made me happy !

I heard that in one day there were many people who queuing alongside...

And it made wondering,
was there something happen on these days..

But there were many people were coming to meet me,
And it made me very happy.

Everyone who coming,
Thank you very much !

Halloween is near~ what should I do~? (with costume at hs event~ かな? )

Sunday Night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

Last week guest were 3 seiyuu artist from Earphones,
And from Nogizaka is Ikoma Rina-chan !

I made a promise with Ikoma-chan to go buy clothes together ! o(^o^)o

We did a lot of planning,
But among it the "4 party talks" was really fun !

Next time when Ikoma-chan come again,
Let's do another "4 party talks" again !

Next Nogizaka week is on 16th October.
And the guest is Nishino Nanase-chan ~☆ (finally !)



10/6 Top Yell November Edition
10/15 EX-Taishu November Edition
10/31 BUBKA December Edition


10/8 Girls Award


11/9 16th Single

In Top Yell magazine which being on sale now

Asuka, Takayama and Nakamoto
Were talking about reflection on Jingu Live~

It also comes with (my) poster in it, so please check it out.

For the series part, 
I was challenged to do sword fight !

Because the uniform is suit me,
I received many praise !

Smug face.
From now on please take care of me.

Ah, I forgot.....

I haven't say the right answer for the quiz on my latest blog

The answer is Mio-chan finger ( ˆωˆ )


In 4 party talks, they talked about their life 10 years later.

Hime said that her goal in entertainment is to be an idol. 
So if she stopped being an idol.....she don't want to be in this entertainment world again and want to living as married couple and you can hear me crying right now..... 😭

They want rajira to keep continue even after 10 years later, then they will listen to their recorded talks about this together and see what really happen on this 10 years. Wonderful plan.
Kinda like time

But I think hime wont just stop to be only an idol. Was she forgot about her announcer dream, or seiyuu dream ?

Was she talking like that because of stress or.........? /dissapear/

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