Monday, October 24, 2016

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We participated in  [ PERFECT HALLOWEEN 2016 ] @ Yokohama Arena yesterday.
Everyone who coming, thank you very much ^_^

We were also did collaboration live with RADIO FISH-san and Choutokkyuu-san !

RADIO FISH-san teach us   「GOLDEN TOWER」and「PERFECT HUMAN」dances move directly.
And Choutokkyuu-san did Silent Majority dances cover.

Thank you very much !

It was really fun !!

The audiences were also wearing fancy dress (costume), so it feels like an early halloween mood.

Our costumes were also made special for this event, and it's really my favourite.
Black costume is really cool !!

I took a lot of photos !

There are still more photos,
And I will post it on the next blog !

Please wait for it~

And lastly,
On BRODY magazine that released on 22th October,
21 member of Keyaki were allowed to take parts on it.

Other than gravure, you can also find document about our activities until now !

When I read it,
I was so impressed and almost cried because I found something that I just know for the first time..

I want many people to read it too !!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

See ya again later \( ¨̮ )/


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