Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka Blog Translation 161020 ーその676


On few days ago,
Me and Maaya were participated in the press conference of

Young's Business Plan Contest 2016

Business Creation Hiroshima!

[ Surprise ! Hiroshima]

As special supporter~

For Hiroshima and Tokyo students,
We are still waiting for your idea to surprise the world ( ˇωˇ )

For more details you can check it here ;

Heart Dancing Dance Party !

It was broadcasted live !

Though I can olny sent sudden notice by e-mail,
Thank you for watching~

We performed two collaboration songs

[ センチメンタル・ジャーニー / Sentimental Journey ]


[ 夏色のナンシー / Summer Colour of Nancy]

As Nogizaka46,
We performed [ 気づいたら片想い  / When I Realized, It Was Unrequited Love ]

Because it was also my debut (to sing that song in tv)
I was so nervous,
But it's became a really wonderful time for me ( ˇωˇ )

16th Single 「サヨナラの意味 / The Meaning of Farewell」

The title and song ban has been lifted,

And the CD jacket has been published too !

I sing :

「サヨナラの意味 / The Meaning of Farewell」

「孤独な青空 / Lonely Blue Sky」

「君に贈る花がない / No Flowers Sent to You」

Cinq Étoille song 「君に贈る花がない / No Flowers Sent to You」

Will aired for the first time in next Nogizaka week of Rajira Sunday !
Please look forward for it~

Yesterday in All Night Nippon,
Nanamin has announced her graduation.

I listened to it in real time.

And I'm sorry for my well-worn expression,
But Nanamin's every single of words are spinning and touched my heart.

She has persuasiveness, and strong will,
And it makes her full of kindness.

4 months until she graduate,
I want to make a lot of memory with her (^o^)

I can't wait to perform the new song ! Let's sing it a lot !

I hope this song can reach to many people !

There are various of announcement that I want to tell you !

But there are also a lot things that I can't tell you yet !

Missed timing.

I'm sorry if I tell you after it published / aired~

Today photos has many Kiichan ! (LoL)

And lastly,

On the last blog I received a lot of comments from everyone.

Thank you very much.

I tried to arrange positive words,
But it doesn't mean that I was pretending to be strong.

And that post is summary of my honest feeling.

There are a lot of things that I worry about,

Though if I get too worried,
It's all because of me who get crazy about works.

But if I can enjoy myself like that,
I think I can open my visibility more~

From now on too please take care of me ( ˇωˇ )

After a long time, there are handshake meeting on this weekend !

Please let us hear about impressions of the new songs.

See you later !


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