Monday, February 29, 2016

Nogizaka46 - 14th Single Coupling song (by Under Girl ) 不等号 (Futougou) Lyric Translations

不等号 / Inequal



just like the bubbles of the carbonated water

that quietly loses it gas from the bottom of the bottle



the love in people's hearts is like that too,

something that would escape to somewhere before we know it



why the tears did not come out?

that's doesn't mean that I'm strong
I want to hold back, but there's no way so I gave up.
with a sigh, I straightened my shoulders


恋はいつでも男と女 不等号

I'm the one who loves you more.

even all I can do is dating you, I'm happy. 
What should I have said to be able to be beside you?
The love between men and women is always unequal



opening a heart that covered with a lid,  

it keep remain fresh because it confined.



even now you still drink over that carbonated water,

and it's still attached to your mouth right?



no, that's not mean that I'm not sad 

I hate my crying face
even I extended my hand, I know it won't reach you.
and this dream will just keep fleeting


半分開けた思い出だって 不等号 

however, if you are not here, I won't be here too.

I want to monopolized your nice behaviour.  
even we are parting (break up)
I don't want to start from zero again.
half open memories is an inequality


それでも私 よかった 

the day it's come,

I know about it,
and I'm glad of it


恋はいつでも男と女 不等号

I'm the one who loves you more.
even all I can do is dating you, I'm happy. 
What should I have said to be able to be beside you?
The love between men and women is always unequal

Full song :

there's no official lyric yet, and I found it from;
lyric source: tongupoi-san ameba , twitter 

painful song :/ :rain:
I wonder if the mv is gonna be yuri... like continue from 13th single ug mv.
because at first, I think this song is about forbidden love. lol

please correct any mistakes :bow:
*edited! thank you so much @giftnogi  for the correction~!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160224

Nogizaka-chan debut 4th Anniversary!

it's too bad that we couldn't do Birthday Live.
But I'm glad that we could celebrated it together 
even in different forms (^o^)

Really thank you very much
for always supporting Nogizaka-chan!

when we met, there are various
memory that we had. 
And from now on, 
I wish we could make more wonderful memories together.
So. Started from early morning on 20 February, until midnight on 22 February,
We presented to you [Nogizaka46 4th Anniversary, Nogizaka46 46 hours TV]!

ma~~ there's a lot of topic....
I wonder from which one should I started~~

although it will be my personal look back,
but well.. I will reporting for everyone who haven't watched it,
and do recap for everyone who watched it !

◯Under Live dates announcement

3/19・20 AICHI Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall

4/19 Fukushima - Fukushima Prefecture Cultural Center Grand Hall
4/20 Miyagi - Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi
4/21  Iwate - Morioka Civic Cultural Hall Grand Hall
4/22 Aomori - Hachinohe Public Hall Great Hall
4/23 Akita -  Akita City Cultural Center Grand Hall
4/24 Yamagata - Yamagin Hall (Yamagata Prefectural Civic Centre)

on March, in Aichi
there will also Seirarin Graduation Concert.
It's 1 month again (´;ω;`)

and then, start in April. 
14th single Under member will do (like) National tour [Tohoku Series] !

On this Spring, 
we will come to local place like Aichi and also Tohoku (northeast Japan)~
By all means, so please come and watch us~!

◯ Bowling Tournament

all member participate in Bowling Tournament !

too bad I had a work, 
so I couldn't participate on the final round.

Our team won! 
himetan also got the meal certificates~~
Ikoma-chan and Karin-chan told me by mail o(^o^)o

◯ Nogi Koe-relay (Nogi voices relay)

Nagashima and Nakamoto, 
we went to Nagoya→Hiroshima→Matsuyama !

Everyone from Tokai, Chugoku, and Shikoku region, 
Thank you for your cooperation (´;ω;`)♡

We were anxious about
how many people who will coming,
in middle of this bad weather....
but, A lot of people were gathered ( ´;ω;`)

we received a lot of power from each place! 
The ending was so impressed~

so that's why~~
on the 1st half day I was not in studio in Tokyo ! (laugh)

◯Lucky 3 Fukujin

I got 1st worst in Health luck..........
and somehow the member on venue were groaning.. (laugh)

Ikoma-chan, Kazumin,
sorry to get you involved ( >_< )

◯ Nogizaka Denshidai [De! Mushumi] (The! one who don't have hobby)

first, despite of sudden announcement,
thank you for your applications !

even on the program there a lot that I couldn't read,
but there were many interesting application~~

each member got 10 minutes program planning,
it was fun o(^o^)o

◯Karaoke Battle

I was singing [sotsugyou / graduation] by Saito Yuki-san !

I have complex in my singing,
and I was so nervous.
and I was unsure that I should participate or not ( ´ ・ω・ ` )

But! Went to karaoke with member that I haven't go with,
and also I could heard their singing voice~
it was fun~~

◯Nogizaka 46 Hours TV Special Live

Finally! a Live with Panasonic-san cooperation
has be able to realized! (^o^)

All of the set list were
selected by Maimai!

Looking back from 1st single to 13th single,
The format was like Mini Birthday Live~

I was performing on
「Okami ni Kuchibue o」「Namida ga mada kanashimi datte koro」
「Sonna baka na.....」「Umaretamamade」
「Kanashimi no Wasureta-kata」「Nogizaka no Uta」

The live was filled with feeling that;
in Nogizaka, there are a lot of nice songs.

if everyone could choose 1 song from every single,
what kind of live that you want to make?

◯ Nogiten

Nogiten one night revival!

at the first half we did recording, 
and the second half we had a lot of hot talk in studio

somehow, when it  feels like 'at home'
so nostalgic~
feels like the first time we recorded for Nogiten ( ˆωˆ )

◯Nogizaka46 no [no]

I wasn't in studio,
but I heard that I got 2nd place in Ohimesama-senbatsu.
waa--ii (´,,•ω•,,`)Ohimesama-senbatsu♡

Continue from 汗かき (Sweating)・ぷく顔 (puku-gao)・好きな声 (favorite voice)
I've been honored to get chosen again

it helped from my 'himeka' name,
mama thank you~

Everyone who voted me,
thank you very much (´,,•ω•,,`)

◯ Rajira~

Sunday night is time for Rajira sunday!
everyone who listen to it,
thank you!

at 9 pm we did relay connecting with 46 hours TV,
live broadcasting on each other, it's unique right~?♪

Marika came as the guest!
she came when she already 20 years old,
and we were able to celebrate it! congratulations~~!

the showdown planning was completely useless, right? (laugh)

On next Nogizaka times,
Nagashima Seira-chan will coming
I'm glad she will coming before her graduation! Must listen!

with thus feelings, up until the ending
there were plenty of program on this 46 hours TV

Then~~ in way to fifth year debut, 
14th single preparation, under live and individual activities too.
everyone has been working hard.

I'm really thankful for it ( ˇωˇ )
also, I want this year to be a busy year !

on this 5th year too, please take care of us

Friday is time to Sony Record delivery update!
On February, the guest is K-san,
and the duty report is Puruten a.k Terada Ranze-chan.

Submit the channel from here ; (^o^)
2/24 SamuraiELO
2/29 BUBKA
3/3 Otonahenoberu

let me tell you one new announcement!

I will appear on
On Nagoya TV「BOMBER-E Pナイト」
3/8 Midnight 0:55~

Matsuda Rina-san (X21) and me,
we did girls meeting ( ˆωˆ )

On Samurai ELO ,
it can be found in walk with beauty latest issue\(^o^)/ 
I became a cafe clerk \(^o^)/

a while ago, I was addicted to black coffee,
and I mostly drink it everyday.
so when the shooting started, I was thinking 'aah! what a coincidence!!'

the studio was filled with nice scent

Maimai is on the cover!
please check it!

There are Handshake meetings in Kyoto on this weekend~

for 13th single


ps: a loooong awaited and a loooong blog from hime.
I haven't watch the bowling part, nogi koe relay, and listen to rajira... lol 
sorry hime ;w; 
gotta watch and listen to it asap!

but I've been watching this again and again...;w;
Hime part on 1st worst luck health ;w;

hime keeping traditions to post only 5 photos every blog. (y)