Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog translation 160215

Happy Valentine !

I don't have Valentine-ish photo.. ( ´ ・ω・ ` ) hehehe

but! on latest Sony Record,
we did something like when in valentine time,
so please check and watch it~!

you can subscribe from here;

on 2/11
There was Nogizaka46 Kouhaku special, expanded version !
did  you watch it?

there are plenty screen time of
Under Live in Budoukan,
somehow I feel so grateful ( ;  ; )

It delivered; 
all center stages,
behind the scenes interview, 
and a lot of faces that unusually showed. (on back stages I think)

Reika, Wakatsuki as reporter! thank you very much.
and a lot of member who came and support us,
really thank you very much!

There was also [Otona he no Chikamichi]
studio live version~♪

lifting the ban of 14th new uniform!

Recently, I was doing various hairstyle~
I'm looking for the one that suit me the best,
but I still don't know about it. lol

I ended 14th single production today\(^o^)/

this time too, I feel so blessed to met a lot of people.
on this works, a lot of people helping me to created it.
When you can see our works,
I hope you can feel the happiness too.!

please looking forward for it!

Sunday night is time for Rajira Sunday~! 

This time, the guest from Nogizaka is
Itou Marika-chan!

waaaii~ \(^o^)/

recently, after a long time we finally did a work together in a whole day.
and somehow she became spoiled to me...
it was so lonely to not see her for a while.
and she was so cute~~

mail themes for Rajira ;

◯ talk about koke (moss) *they will make fun marika and with moss things again? x'D lol
◯ Individualistic answer showdown
◯ himetan quiz

cheering messages for marika,
also for regular corner too!
we are waiting for your messages~!

you can submit  it here;

I wanted to go to studio valentine~~!

but, but... on 21 February, there  is
Nogizaka-chan birthday eve~
also the next day is Marika-chan birthday! (isn't marika birthday is on 20 feb?)

she will turning 20 years old.. (´。•ω•。`) 


2/24 Samurai ELO
2/29 BUBKA

I was allowed to participate on various shooting
feels like I received  daily stimulation from it!

I want to tell you soon~ o(^o^)o
but, please wait a little until the information ban is up!

a little Question answer !

 In your last teen, 
 is there anything that you want to do?
about that... I have one.
but I think I could do it soon...
I will report about it again later 

what kind of healing music that you listened ? 
it's depend on the frequents when it come out, 
it just some kind of relaxing music. when you listen to it then you become relax.
like sound of the  waves, birdsong, and other.
I'm listening to the album songs,
that have been arranged into music box!

 when shooting PV for Shitto no Kenri,
did the rain were  artificial ?
fufufu~ at that time the weather was bad.
when the shooting day it was supposed to have different atmosphere, (not rain)
so the MV is just be like that ( ˇωˇ )

new AXIS advertisement has distributed out right~?!

people who already received it,
thanks for letting me know (´。•ω•。`) 

previously, I was allowed to participate in several shooting.
doing activity as Nogizaka, 
I wonder if I could spread (about Nogizaka) it out loud?
it's really become a strange feeling now.

everyone who took the test,
I will keep supporting you until the end!
spring is coming soon!

when I checked photo folder,
I found that there are only some photo with smile.. lol

well, I think I'm not good at it ( ´ ・ω・ ` )


ps: It takes me a long time to finished this.
not in ma best condition now. please pardon and correct my mistakes. :bow:

also. ponytail hime is kyut.
but still twin tail is da best tho. へへ~

did I skip kannarin blog? well. sorry .-.

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