Friday, February 12, 2016

Nakada Kana (Kanarin) Blog Translation 160212

Group Companies~kana? 1197

yaiii (¨)ノ

Yesterday was [Kouhaku Special! expanded version],
have you watch it?

today is "watamono" !
*(Watamono = WATAshitachi no MONOgatari. Drama radio)

following last week episode before,
we, 6 people were allowed to do performance.
*(check comment)
kinda same like Hoka no Hoshi member~! (・∀・) 

this time too, I was allowed to do 2 drama, *(check her 755. she post a lot about drama)
but it was pretty different story

because Valentine day is near, 
the story is about Valentine day too~

Please looking forward for it~

『私たちの物語』/ [Our Story]
 it's started at 22:pm

Valentine is near~!

at this time, 
the rules for pero-food is chocolate for valentine~!

Since Nakada entering Nogizaka46,
I always made handmade chocolate for members,  
and then staff-san buying chocolate for us

I have already experienced 4 times valentines since I'm entering Nogizaka46,

and up until now, when valentine comes,
staff-san are always buying chocolate for us.
I will keep remember about that

 when I think about Cospa, 
 I think there wont be any honmei choco...

and, the price set tho...
rather than for working people, I think it's better for students.

with that feeling, so please check it out.


Sebastien BOUILLET,
cake bukeshokora. *(cake name)

If it's about cute cake,
then it must be Sebastien Bouillet ~! *(cake shop)

this is so cute~ 
and I don't need to worry because the choco won't melt~
and it's easy to carry too~!

Because there's also buke cake with not shokora type,
I will going to buy several types according to the preferences ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I will also introduced it on next blog~!

kana~ ̄(=∵=) ̄

ps: I dont know if kanarin doing drama radio on NHK fm.
please pardon me.

Edited on 160212, 9pm.
Thanks to Niep-san comment for correcting me :bow:

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  1. She meant 6 members performed/casted in watamono, not nogishow.