Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nakada Kana (Kanarin) Blog Translation 160210

I've feel basically short kana? 1196

Yaaiii~ (¨)ノ

after today works end,

I went to hairdresser

Because my hair has became bright,

then once again I've put based ash color ~

I've never try other than grege and ash color,
because I feel that this color is suit me the best

next Individual handshake meeting is 2 weeks again, 
I wonder if it will last until we can meet ?

tomorrow is,
[Nogizaka46 Kouhaku Special! Expanded version! ]

Thank you for waiting ~!

it have Under Live 2 days scene video \^^/


we were allowed to perform 
[Otona he no Chikamichi] studio live version

Another activities as Cinq etoile !! 

following last month episode,

this time too, please watch it! 

BS Premium
[Nogizaka46 Kouhaku Special ! Expanded version]
11 February (Thursday) 16:30 pm

today is
MARQUEE release date! 

[Nogizaka46 Under The Stories Meeting]

Six person interview. Ranze, Rarin, Himetan, Miona, Renachi, and Nakada. 

we were talking about Rarin graduation,

Under Live, 

and it also has various talking !

I think it was a pretty reading answer.
so, please read it~! 

Today pict is you can't see a 'pero' food~
it's parfait~ 

Kana  ̄(=∵=) ̄

ps: maybe I will starting to translate Kanarin blog too. Request from @kadosilang
it's pretty short. so it's okay. lol

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