Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 is Himetan Year !!!

Welcome February~~!

1 month passed!! so fast~~~

too bad I had to start this month with tears~~ (got pats)

hmmm~~ [1 / 14]
Hime just could be in senbatsu 1 times from 14 single.
Last night senbatsu announcement was hit me hard..
More harder than when Rarin graduation announcement,
Or I could say that last night was the worst bed time for me.

But now, after listening to Rajira, also watching latest nogizaka golf club on rakuten,
I realized something.

Hime is the type who can easily flying into sky high when she's happy, and go bury herself in deepest sea when she's sad.
A really negative person.
Someone who received advice with a pout.
Someone who can't lose, but like to lose herself.., and
Someone who I love and cheering the most. (y)

On January, time flies so well...
even February had must started with tears... But I believe, rainbow is starting to get seen...

2016 is Hime year !
I do not believe in what Fortune teller said, but I take their word as advice to enjoying my life better.

So do with this article : 2016年、運勢のいいアイドルは? 100人以上の占い師が診断
(Based from 100 Fortune Teller, who is the very luck Idol on 2016?)

On that article, Himetan got 1st place on Idol category.
1st place!! from hundreds or thousands Idol in Japan !
isn't that greatS??

January just passed. And there's still 11 month left!
I bet Hime could prove it in this 11 month. I believe in her.

She has singing and dancing skill to show her quality,
She has cute voice to get you kyun-kyun,
She has Cinqetoille to be a star for,
She has Radio program to broadcast herself more,
She has Under Girl power to get known more,
She has Idol aura to show her true self more,
She has sister to compete for,
She has member as friends to support and complete her up.

I believe that this year is gonna be Hime year.!
Last night senbatsu announcement (which I  bet the shooting date was on January) was the first obstacle, and also first door that opened for her.

Did you know that her kawaiisou expression thread got 2nd rank on Nogi matome today.?! 

Being 2nd hot topic after senbatsu announcement (with 224 comment! much a lot than the 1st topic).
Take the positive things!
that's mean a lot of people are DO care about her,
and many people want her to be in senbatsu asap too..

Postive!! let's be postive together with me, with us!
Hime... you are not alone~!

and, will you read this? (no)

Even she is the center for 14th under or not, I hope she will keep her head up, and enjoying this year to the fullest.!

Lets keep the pink penlight up~~!!!

ps: this is tribute post to cheer me up.
On last night rajira, Ikuchan said that she want to marry otoko-himetan. (himetan guy version)
also they were so ラブラブ :ship: :ship:

Maimai!! 14th single center \0/ congratulations~~~!!  love youu holy mother mai~~

Miona! congrats for getting back to senbatsu again!!
I know that under wasn't a place for you \0/ so please keep your spot in senbatsu \0/ ganbare~~

enjoy your life~!
ganbaruzooooo~~!! iyeyyyyy /0/

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