Thursday, February 4, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka a.k Himetan Blog Translation 160203

On Sunday there was Senbatsu selection announcement

although the result is disappointing,
I received a lot of cheering message on my latest blog.

I've come to realized it again
that I have so many allies around me now. 

everyone are keep facing forward,
so that's why I don't have any reason to stop ( ˇωˇ )

For everyone who always supporting me,
sorry, this time I had to share frustrating feelings again..

but I don't wanna keep like this,
until the end I want to keep spreading the joy!
as an Idol, I have strong feelings about that!

until that day when I'm allowed to see everyone smiling faces,
I would be happy if everyone could be on my side.

In the position that given to me now,
I have feelings to give it the fullest me. 

iyaa~ Even I just said it now,
but it's still not enough!
I will work harder than ever!

14th Single, Under Live Nationwide tour,
To given the chance to appear,
everyone! please come and see it ( ˆωˆ )

It's all because of everyone helps,
so that's why I can say this.
for always supporting me,
thank you for being my allies

I feels so pathetic.....
sorry because I'm such a loser human.
I'll try to be determined!
so I hope I can grab something..

from now on too, please keep supporting me ~!

maimai! center! congratulations~!
Mio-chan, senbatsu omedetouu!

Sunday Night is Rajira Sunday!

on Seiyuu corner,
Hayashiyu-san and Ota Masatomo san.
Also from Nogizaka was Ikuta Erika-chan
were coming~!

we had tongue twisterrrr battle (Ikuchan speciality. especially after 10pm)
we got a lot of message from everyone,
really thank you very much!

after radio finished,
I got happy words from Ikuchan!
and more than anything it was fun! 

on next sunday, 2 seiyuu from every❤︎ing!,
also from Nogizaka is Sakurai Reika-chan are coming!

it will be first Reika appearance on rajira sunday!
please look forward for it

please send;
Yourself or around people Ponkotsu episode,
and also cheering messages for Reika~!

For Yamanotesen games, the present is Raw photo !
please try to join us~

Showdown project is decided,
It's already up on the official site,
so please check it~ (´。•ω•。`)

the destination for the letter is here

On Friday is Sony Record delivery update !

On January we delivered 5th episode,
also we were eating nabe~ lol

In February too, yoroshikune~( ˆωˆ )
for February duty is Terada Ranze-chan !
She said it before that it's rare case to Ranze to be on this studio. (why?)

please subscribe the channel !


2/6  Top Yell
2/9  BOMB
2/10 Marquee
2/24 Samurai ELO

By all means, Please look at it o(^▽^)o

On Saturday there was Individual Handshake meetings
for everyone who coming, thank you very much!

Like I said on radio,
I did truly like 5 years old ! lol (dat [babu~] things right? lol)

It was fun~
that (babu~) was for people who like to hear that.
please keep that coming later~ ( ˆωˆ )

When I listen to your story, 
it seems that next Handshake Meeting in Kanto will be vacant right?

although it's lonely, 
on the next meeting let's report about various things~!
please look forward for it with a cheer~!

Hime got power for several months ahead from last Saturday !
In February and March, I will work harddd~~!!

oh! Of course I'm looking forward to meeting with people from Kanto ~♪


ps: check it out~!
also she got present from her mama and su-chan yesterday :'3 oneechan ganbaroune~! :cry: 

thanks God she update her blog ;w;
Nakamoto ganbarooooo!! watashi mo ganbarooooo~~! /0/

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