Tuesday, February 2, 2016

long awaited himetan's long mail is cominggg~~~


it's coming!!!

God hears our prayers

I want to translate it, but it soooooo long... also it's not prohibited to share member mail contains  right? 
Also her mail was make me crying even when I just started read the 2nd paragraph.

Himetan fans, Himekyun no minasan, and Nogizaka46 fans.
Thank you for your warm support to Hime.
On hime mail today, she wrote that;

- She respect your cheering message on her blog comment,
but please don't write [himetan is needed on this under tour, so that's why this time you are in under again right?] just to make her happy ^^
it's so pathetic that makes her sad and angry..

- She have been reading her blog comment since last night and it made her crying (same here)

- The truth is she is really not in good mood, she want to regaining her mood, and flip her 'switch' (to be cheerful again) then start to updating her blog and sending mail on next week......maybe? (noooo ;A;)

- She want to go back to Hiroshima now (because of this tragedy), but she is so grateful that she has many works that can't be left. 

- She don't have friends, and don't have any hobby or interest~ she feels so lonely now~ ahahahaha 
(this is not funny. really. it's painful)

I don't know is this post is prohibited to post or not. lol
but I will delete it if someone say "delete it!" ~

ps: I hope she will post cheerful mail, or anything soon. !
I love you hime~

#ツインテールの日 (Twin tail day) !!

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