Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka Blog Translation ー その663 160821


Nationwide tour, Fukuoka performances is over !
With this, all countryside performances are over !

Started from Shizuoka,
then using new system in Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai and Fukuoka..

everyone who coming, thank you very much !

look ! !

Miria-chan is so cute !!

In Fukuoka venue, the weather was so hot~ 
are you okay?
I hope your mood didn't became worse ( ´ ・ω・ ` )
the outside was also hot right..

Every year we were allowed to perform in Fukuoka Kokusai Center,
and I really like the close distance between audience seat to the stage 

and because it's close to my hometown (Hiroshima),
somehow I could feel the familiarity  

The last is Jingu 3 days !
because we will do "good things",
everyone please look forward for it

Ikuchan was coming to my hotel room 
we talking every night~ (^o^)

On 20th August
Eto, Kitano and Nakamoto were came as guest in God Bless Saturday Public Live Broadcast

God Bless Saturday !

everyone who came,
and everyone who listen to FM Yokohama,
thank you very much~

it was a wonderful event to feel the summer !
I'm really happy because even in middle of bad weather, 
there were a lot of people who came !

Sunday Night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

[Mousou Diary]
do you enjoy it ?
because the theme is changed every week, please check it out~

you can also submit about live impressions, 
and things or event that you did on this summer vacation ( ˆωˆ )

you can submit your mail from here
Next live broadcast is on 4th September !

Today, 21 August is 5 years since Nogizaka46 formed

I have a lot of  thought, and one of them is
I wonder how I could slip into this city (laugh)
If I do not become Nogizaka member, I wonder how is my life right now..
Sometimes I keep thinking about that thought in my head

I always worried about my works everyday..
For me, Nogizaka46 is a big thing.
I'm so grateful to become a part of this group.

Though I wonder if this certainly will make it strongly compelling from the previous story...

I wonder if there's a gap between my feelings and the society's,
or maybe it hasn't reached me which made me realize that it grew even bigger..

right now, I just want to be grateful for the work that is in front of me,
then do it one by one carefully..

start from now, I want to clear things that pile up,
believing it that it will lead to the better future..
I will continue to devote myself every day !

everyone who always supporting Nogizaka46,
really thank you very much

Being an Idol we can challenge various fields in entertainment world,
I wonder if that is one of the strengths from an Idol

whether it's in complete form, or in growth process leading to that way,
I would be glad if all the entertainment could deliver to everyone

in supporting,
I think there is not always a pleasant thing,
from now on too I would be happy if we can chase our dream together ( ˇωˇ )

I wonder what is our dream as group now..
from now on too, please take care of us !

for me, 
the best memories on this one year is Under Live in Budoukan

~ Announcement ~

8/23 BRODY
8/24 Street Jack

8/22 広島DAYS! Hiroshima DAYS!
8/26 Countdown Tamashi

8/22 Countdown Tamashi Public Recording
9/23 Tokyo International Book Fair Talk Show


Tomorrow on 22th August, I will go to Hiroshima \(^o^)/

Wada, Sasaki, Nakamoto.
we are Futabatosho-san senbatsu ! suteki !

People who live around Hiroshima,
I would be happy if you can come to Public Recording in Alpark (Shopping Mall in Hiroshima)~

local people and local students in here called it [Arupa]. 
If you come, you might meet new encounter in here.

Maiyan, Manatsu-san

Happy Birthday ♡


it took me long enough to finish this,
same like it took them long enough to post Hime From Aqua cm video,

watch it here ; *turn on your VPN first~

really thanks to sn0rlax-san for helping me to finish this :bow:

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka Blog Translation ー その662 160815


Sendai Performances is over !

Sendai Zebio Arena !
on this year, it's already my third time to perform on this venue, I really love it~
I wonder is it because of the sense of unity in the venue~

because there was Under Live in Sendai on April,
somehow I couldn't feel the 'it's been a long time feeling'

of course the taste, role
and the contents are all different 

so I wonder if I was be able to power up, 
or could fascinated in my new position..

I wonder if I was leaving positive feeling 
to everyone who came to Sendai Venue?

Last countryside performances is in Fukuoka !
yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

hey~! this Miria-chan are too cute right ?? 

recently we were talking casually,
and it makes me really really happy !

by the way, 
our conversation are about somethings that people can easily imagine, 
or maybe can't....

generally, we talked in low tension. (laugh)

and also,

Matchun, Manattan, and Himetan 
three of us were talked and understanding about each other.

conversations like ;

after all three of us are similar right~ 
somehow I can felt that atmosphere too

ha...... (low tone)

we are a good friends o(^o^)o

Upcoming photo shoot ! I swear I will post it here !

Sunday Night, It's Time For Rajira Sunday !
Because Rajira take 3 weeks off in August,
we now recruiting mail for [Mousou Diary] project !

I hope everyone takes it as summer vacation homework,
and submit a lot of it (^o^)

You can submit your mail from here ;

each one did RADIO FISH-san pose


8/23 BRODY
8/24 Street Jack

8/20 God Bless Saturday


already on sale;
・Monthly Entame

please check it out too 

ah, by the way~ 
right now, for a limited time only
you can watch NOGIBINGO!6 BD&DVD announcement video !

Nakamoto as assistant MC
were allowed to introduce the highlight !

maybe you can watch it on the program official website? or? eh ?
wherever it can be, please check it out !

tehehe~ (´,,•ω•,,`)

though the photo is similar like the old one,
but it's a bit different, so please forgive me~


Monday, August 15, 2016

Nakamoto HImeka Blog Translation ー その661 160812


Himeka-chan who not good enough 
in counting blog title (・∀・)

thus wording above is too much right (・∀・)

Start from now,
I won't care if there any mistake again,
so everyone please don't mind about it too (・∀・)ノ

On 10th August,
Akimoto, Takayama, Hori and Nakamoto 

were allowed to do Infiltration report in

Samantha Thavasa presents
"Bon-Bon Voyage!" by KLOKA !

start from 8/11(Thursday) until 9/9(Friday) @ Omotesando GATES

It's a really nice place for girls.
You can buy cute sweets and original goods too

Thank you for watching it through LINE LIVE !
*watch it here : :bow:

Because it's already summer vacation, Please come and visit it (^o^)

On 11th August, there was album special event.

was it because the effect from the light, or....
my hair color is became brown !

everyone who coming,
Thank you very much \(^o^)/ Mountain Day

And today 12th August,
Takayama and Nakamoto were appear in TOKYO FM [Yonpachi] ~

Suzuki Osamu-san, Okabe Mayu-san,
and listener,
thank you for your time~( ˆωˆ )

The theme was about introducing 80's and 90's album,
and it's a really wonderful theme!

is there any album that you recommended ?

there is exhibition with panel that already autographed by member !

as it's a bit reflected on the photo,
the present campaign is still on-going !

When you go to Shibuya,
Please come and visit us


8/23 BRODY
8/24 Street Jack

8/20 God Bless Saturday


In CM NOW magazine that released today,
there are press conference and interview FROM AQUA~*

tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is Sendai Performances,

I try to reflect on and absorb every performances, 
so when I feel the enthusiasm in a venue directly,
I can take that forward lightly to the next place I go to

I have many things to catch on this summer, and it makes me busy ! :arigatai desune:


Recently I feels so sleepy