Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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Nationwide tour, Fukuoka performances is over !
With this, all countryside performances are over !

Started from Shizuoka,
then using new system in Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai and Fukuoka..

everyone who coming, thank you very much !

look ! !

Miria-chan is so cute !!

In Fukuoka venue, the weather was so hot~ 
are you okay?
I hope your mood didn't became worse ( ´ ・ω・ ` )
the outside was also hot right..

Every year we were allowed to perform in Fukuoka Kokusai Center,
and I really like the close distance between audience seat to the stage 

and because it's close to my hometown (Hiroshima),
somehow I could feel the familiarity  

The last is Jingu 3 days !
because we will do "good things",
everyone please look forward for it

Ikuchan was coming to my hotel room 
we talking every night~ (^o^)

On 20th August
Eto, Kitano and Nakamoto were came as guest in God Bless Saturday Public Live Broadcast

God Bless Saturday !

everyone who came,
and everyone who listen to FM Yokohama,
thank you very much~

it was a wonderful event to feel the summer !
I'm really happy because even in middle of bad weather, 
there were a lot of people who came !

Sunday Night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

[Mousou Diary]
do you enjoy it ?
because the theme is changed every week, please check it out~

you can also submit about live impressions, 
and things or event that you did on this summer vacation ( ˆωˆ )

you can submit your mail from here
Next live broadcast is on 4th September !

Today, 21 August is 5 years since Nogizaka46 formed

I have a lot of  thought, and one of them is
I wonder how I could slip into this city (laugh)
If I do not become Nogizaka member, I wonder how is my life right now..
Sometimes I keep thinking about that thought in my head

I always worried about my works everyday..
For me, Nogizaka46 is a big thing.
I'm so grateful to become a part of this group.

Though I wonder if this certainly will make it strongly compelling from the previous story...

I wonder if there's a gap between my feelings and the society's,
or maybe it hasn't reached me which made me realize that it grew even bigger..

right now, I just want to be grateful for the work that is in front of me,
then do it one by one carefully..

start from now, I want to clear things that pile up,
believing it that it will lead to the better future..
I will continue to devote myself every day !

everyone who always supporting Nogizaka46,
really thank you very much

Being an Idol we can challenge various fields in entertainment world,
I wonder if that is one of the strengths from an Idol

whether it's in complete form, or in growth process leading to that way,
I would be glad if all the entertainment could deliver to everyone

in supporting,
I think there is not always a pleasant thing,
from now on too I would be happy if we can chase our dream together ( ˇωˇ )

I wonder what is our dream as group now..
from now on too, please take care of us !

for me, 
the best memories on this one year is Under Live in Budoukan

~ Announcement ~

8/23 BRODY
8/24 Street Jack

8/22 広島DAYS! Hiroshima DAYS!
8/26 Countdown Tamashi

8/22 Countdown Tamashi Public Recording
9/23 Tokyo International Book Fair Talk Show


Tomorrow on 22th August, I will go to Hiroshima \(^o^)/

Wada, Sasaki, Nakamoto.
we are Futabatosho-san senbatsu ! suteki !

People who live around Hiroshima,
I would be happy if you can come to Public Recording in Alpark (Shopping Mall in Hiroshima)~

local people and local students in here called it [Arupa]. 
If you come, you might meet new encounter in here.

Maiyan, Manatsu-san

Happy Birthday ♡


it took me long enough to finish this,
same like it took them long enough to post Hime From Aqua cm video,

watch it here ; *turn on your VPN first~

really thanks to sn0rlax-san for helping me to finish this :bow:

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