Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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Sendai Performances is over !

Sendai Zebio Arena !
on this year, it's already my third time to perform on this venue, I really love it~
I wonder is it because of the sense of unity in the venue~

because there was Under Live in Sendai on April,
somehow I couldn't feel the 'it's been a long time feeling'

of course the taste, role
and the contents are all different 

so I wonder if I was be able to power up, 
or could fascinated in my new position..

I wonder if I was leaving positive feeling 
to everyone who came to Sendai Venue?

Last countryside performances is in Fukuoka !
yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

hey~! this Miria-chan are too cute right ?? 

recently we were talking casually,
and it makes me really really happy !

by the way, 
our conversation are about somethings that people can easily imagine, 
or maybe can't....

generally, we talked in low tension. (laugh)

and also,

Matchun, Manattan, and Himetan 
three of us were talked and understanding about each other.

conversations like ;

after all three of us are similar right~ 
somehow I can felt that atmosphere too

ha...... (low tone)

we are a good friends o(^o^)o

Upcoming photo shoot ! I swear I will post it here !

Sunday Night, It's Time For Rajira Sunday !
Because Rajira take 3 weeks off in August,
we now recruiting mail for [Mousou Diary] project !

I hope everyone takes it as summer vacation homework,
and submit a lot of it (^o^)

You can submit your mail from here ;

each one did RADIO FISH-san pose


8/23 BRODY
8/24 Street Jack

8/20 God Bless Saturday


already on sale;
・Monthly Entame

please check it out too 

ah, by the way~ 
right now, for a limited time only
you can watch NOGIBINGO!6 BD&DVD announcement video !

Nakamoto as assistant MC
were allowed to introduce the highlight !

maybe you can watch it on the program official website? or? eh ?
wherever it can be, please check it out !

tehehe~ (´,,•ω•,,`)

though the photo is similar like the old one,
but it's a bit different, so please forgive me~


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