Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160803


My hair is growing \(^o^)/

Recently I like to keep it straight,
though some time ago I like to roll it up,
Hmmm~ I don't know why

And next,
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you about this earlier

I was appear on Nogizaka46 [no],
it's already on air on 31th July !

I like freedom feeling in Nogino [no] \(^o^)/
It was really fun ~*

Sunday Night it's time for Rajira Sunday !
Last week, the guest was Hoshino Minami-chan !

Minami in sharp tongue counseling room was really cute.
It's really nice to has connected feeling with the last broadcast when she came here ( ˆωˆ )◎

The battle was really fun too !
Minami-chan please come again later~!
Next week, is the first week in August.
Continuing from last week, it will be Nogizaka week because it's also an odd week. 

The guest is seiyuu artist 
Inami Anju-san, Kobayashi Aika-san, and Komiya Arisa-san.
And from Nogizaka is Kitano Hinako-chan !

After the live in Nagoya end, 
Me and Kiichan will do broadcast relay with Oriraji-san in Tokyo. 
It will be the first time for us to do broadcast with this pattern

This time mail themes are ;

◯ Supporting messages for Kiichan
◯ Celebrating with RAP - NOGIZAKA CHAN
◯ [Because you already 20 y.o... please say it sexily !] Battle
◯ Rajira Love Story
    [Midnight Phone]
◯ Hitori nori himetan

You can subscribe your mail from here
Also, as it already said on the last week broadcast...
Rajira will take 3 weeks off...
When there's no broadcast, we want listener to keep enjoying it..
so ! we already prepared a plan for it !

◯ Mousou Diary
For more details, please wait on the official website \(^o^)/

On 5th August there is Photobook direct selling,
On 6th August there is Tour in Nagoya,
On 7th August there is Radio on Night.

I will start my activities in Nagoya from 6th August~kana


8/5 Nogizaka46 2nd Photobook 
8/6 TopYell
8/23 BRODY
8/24 Street Jack

8/5 Buzz Rhythm

[Hadashi de Summer] Booklet.
Seems that my personal photo is in regular edition

This photo is another shoot that not used~

Somehow today photo are just a few ( ´ ・ω・ ` ) 

Here I post B.L.T Offshoot !

Kazumin is slightly hidden....
We were do things that we like.
This is one of my favorite

Himuken Sensei..... !


do-M people !!
and Thirsty Oniichan  !!!!

Rajira Sunday 160731 is a must listen !!!!!!!

The main battle start from 52 min,
BUT better listen to it start from 0'1 s !!

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