Monday, August 15, 2016

Nakamoto HImeka Blog Translation ー その661 160812


Himeka-chan who not good enough 
in counting blog title (・∀・)

thus wording above is too much right (・∀・)

Start from now,
I won't care if there any mistake again,
so everyone please don't mind about it too (・∀・)ノ

On 10th August,
Akimoto, Takayama, Hori and Nakamoto 

were allowed to do Infiltration report in

Samantha Thavasa presents
"Bon-Bon Voyage!" by KLOKA !

start from 8/11(Thursday) until 9/9(Friday) @ Omotesando GATES

It's a really nice place for girls.
You can buy cute sweets and original goods too

Thank you for watching it through LINE LIVE !
*watch it here : :bow:

Because it's already summer vacation, Please come and visit it (^o^)

On 11th August, there was album special event.

was it because the effect from the light, or....
my hair color is became brown !

everyone who coming,
Thank you very much \(^o^)/ Mountain Day

And today 12th August,
Takayama and Nakamoto were appear in TOKYO FM [Yonpachi] ~

Suzuki Osamu-san, Okabe Mayu-san,
and listener,
thank you for your time~( ˆωˆ )

The theme was about introducing 80's and 90's album,
and it's a really wonderful theme!

is there any album that you recommended ?

there is exhibition with panel that already autographed by member !

as it's a bit reflected on the photo,
the present campaign is still on-going !

When you go to Shibuya,
Please come and visit us


8/23 BRODY
8/24 Street Jack

8/20 God Bless Saturday


In CM NOW magazine that released today,
there are press conference and interview FROM AQUA~*

tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is Sendai Performances,

I try to reflect on and absorb every performances, 
so when I feel the enthusiasm in a venue directly,
I can take that forward lightly to the next place I go to

I have many things to catch on this summer, and it makes me busy ! :arigatai desune:


Recently I feels so sleepy


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