Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160808

ひめたん-0o0-その680 *660

Miss Nakamoto mistype it... and it is the 2nd time after the latest 'double 658'

Nogizaka46 2nd Photo book
[ Ichi jikan okure no I love you.]

is already one sale !

The location shoot is in Guam, and it's really beautiful
if you already have 1st photo book,
it's fun if  you compare it to this  o(^o^)o

I already read each member interview too,
and it's very interesting~

there was Nationwide tour in Nagoya on 6th and 7th August
everyone who coming,
thank you very much !

Personally, I still need a lot of improvement~
there are many introspection point...
but other than that

the concert was really fun o(^o^)o
it's all thanks to everyone !

This weekend is Sendai, and next week is Fukuoka.
somehow this tour is passed faster than I expected
yosh! I will do my best !

ELO-san off shoot

Sunday night  it's time for Rajira Sunday !

yesterday the guest was seiyuu artist from Aqours-san
Inami Anju-san, Kobayashi Aika-san, and Komiya Arisa-san.
And from Nogizaka was Kitano Hinako-chan !

It was Kiichan first time to came alone.
and I'm glad we could happily deliver it after the live ended

Ranze, thank you for your letter (´,,•ω•,,`)

and start from this week
Rajira will absence for the next 3 weeks

but we already prepare [Mousou Diary] project,
so everyone please check and join~*

for more details, you can check it on the official website


8/23 BRODY
8/24 Street Jack

8/12 Yonpachi 48hours
8/20 God Bless Saturday


in Top Yell series page which already released on 6th August,
I was allowed to experiencing bouldering !

I wanted to do it someday~ and finally I could do it.
it was really fun,
but on the next day the muscle pain was really amazing~

it also part of real thrill from sports right...
everyone who interested, please try it too !

recently after the works end,
I thought that "today I didn't do it well too"
and went home with feeling down..

I need to find method of diversion asap,
so I can control my self well


Kiichan said on latest rajira sunday that whenever she together with Hime,
she always feel sadness and it made her sad too..

so do with this blog.... it makes my day become gloomy day...

is she alright?

tho I cant do anything to make her happy again.. (*´・ω・*)

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