Saturday, July 30, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160730


M-sta ! !

everyone who watching,

Thank you very much !

it was my first time to appear as original member,

But not only that which made me happy..

Someday, I want to say it in Rajira

That I could be co-star with RADIO FISH-san in music program,

And it was fulfill in FNS too ( ;  ; )

I also allowed to do some talk yesterday.

To be co-star through video is has different sensation than in radio !

Thanks to both of them,
I could feel relax

Before it began I was feel so nervous,
But later I could enjoy to perform like usual..

Personally, there are things to reflect based on today performance

I went home with feeling down...

But, I read blog comments from everyone

And once again, I feel so happy to receive this opportunity.

Team Jump Police and Team Rajira !


They said [see you on Sunday!]
When parting.

And this made me more happy.

So that's why,

Sunday Night is time for Rajira Sunday !

The guest is Hoshino Minami-chan from Nogizaka46 !

This time mail theme are ;

◯ Supporting message to Minami-chan

◯ This summer is different from the usual ! 〇〇でSummer

◯ Minami sharp tongue conseling room

◯ My sister is number one ! battle

We still waiting for usual mail and request song too~ ♪

You can submit your mail from here :

Five week in one month is kinda rare,
and this time is Nogizaka week !

~ announcement ~


8/5 Nogizaka46 2nd Photobook

8/6 TopYell


7/31 Shibuya Note

8/2 Good Time music

8/5 Buzz Rhythm

Today is Monthly Entame release day

And I was allowed to have interview together with Misa Senpai

In Nogizaka, there are a lot of older sister

But for me, Misa Senpai is in number one position

Since first, we've often talk....


Kind of topic like that (^o^)

Photo when Under Live in Budoukan

Bowling Event tomorrow,

Shibuya Note (NHK) on 17:00 %

And Rajira Sunday! (NHK Radio) 20:05 ~

Please watch, and listen to it !

Everyone who participate in event, please looking forward for it !

by the way...

July will end soon. It's so fast~~

Comic [Furo ga-ru] will come in 2nd volume

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu !


She posting blog too much =w=
She must be so happy =w=
*just kidding oit =w=* lol

Let me punish her !
*Do でこぴん*

kyahh (/* > w <)/*

Friday, July 29, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160729


15th single [Hadashi de Summer)
is now on sale !

In Type-A and B bonus footage,
me and Ikuchan are allowed to do some commentary. 

I would be happy if you listen to it and become like it \(^o^)/
there also a lot of nice coupling songs \(^o^)/


this summer is different from the usual ! ! !

on release day yesterday,
we were also allowed to participate in
High school quiz nationwide tournament ( ˆωˆ )

iyaa~~ everyone are so young~~
young it's nice right~!

it was relayed together with 11 places across the country,
and we would be happy if [Boku dake no Hikari] 
could reach all high school students across the country !

because it's a cheering song, 
I hope it can reach for office worker, and all people who working hard too.


V from Victory !

sonytopi ! is a program
which is in the same youtube channel w/ Sonyreco

in the latest video 
Kitano and Nakamoto are allowed to appear !

the looseness talk that never changed like in Sonyreco,
and it's became an indescribable feeling
please check and watch it \(^o^)/

and then, 
I forgot to announce it on the release day,
but me and Kiichan are also appear in Samurai ELO ! (7/23)



Sunday night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

this week guest is Hoshino Minami-chan from Nogizaka46.

this time mail themes are ;

◯ supporting messages for Minamichan
◯ this summer is different from the usual ! 〇〇でSummer
◯ minami sharp tongue conseling room
◯ My sister is number one ! battle

you can submit your mail from here ;



7/30  Monthly Entame
8/5    Nogizaka46 2nd Photobook
8/6    TopYell 


7/29 Music Station
7/31 シブヤノオト (Shibuya note)
8/2   Good Time music

 M-station !!
it's my first time to appear as original member,
and somehow it feels so emotional.....
*(before was when she substitute Sayuri Inoue-san in Taiyou Knock Performance)
moreover, we will also allowed to co-star with everyone from RADIO FISH !
somehow it feels like two sundays are come together.
on sunday there is Rajira Sunday,
and before it we also appear on Shibuya Note~*

and there is also album privilege event on Sunday right~?
yoroshiku onegaishimasu !


20 y.o summer, let's enjoy it ~ ! !

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka Blog Translation 160724


Nationwide Tour, 3 Performances in Osaka
it's safely ended !

Everyone who came,
Thank you very much !
Did you enjoy it ?

Following with new 15th single member formation,
The nationwide tour system is became new too.
There was different tension than when in Shizuoka.

And personally,
My position has changed.

While doing parallel rehearsal for various works,
The environment and scenery are changed too.

It's already 1 month
since Shizuoka performances ended.

Being usual me,
The type of human who keep thinking about
How will the result be.

There are a lot of things to learn for the Live performances,
And I even think that I might can't catch up with it.

I've never been in hurry like this
since the 2nd Under Live in Ariake. (Laugh)

But after all, it feels really fun when standing on the stage. O ( ^ 0 ^ ) O

The challenges are still many, and one of it is to have peace of mind.

To not forget the mind to enjoy it too.
Once again I could feel that from Osaka performances.

Osaka-Jo Hall full house, it's really beautiful !
Thank you for showing wonderful scenery !
Really thank you very much !

Nagoya, Sendai, Fukuoka and Tokyo.
We will run through until the end !

Ah, that's right..
After all Captain presence is really big.
Get well soon ♡

And next, 23th July is time for
New Magazines release day

I haven't check it yet,
So I don't know which shoot that get used,
But I will post some offshoot in here \ ( ^ 0 ^ ) /


I've been allowed to be in back cover too (  ;   ;  )

Kind of fairy in forest......ummm I don't really know about it,
But it has feeling and theme like it.

The shooting was in spring season,
But if you look at it now, somehow you can feel the different contrast on it.

I want to see it asap too !


I couldn't announce about this earlier.
Please forgive me ( > _ < )

All member were taken in right?
We got chance like this on winter too,
And this time everyone are wearing yukata~☆


It has Kitano and Nakamoto.

We talked about men's fashion,
And after all it's really difficult right~?

For men's who have trouble with
What clothes to wear on this summer,
I would be glad if you can get refference from this.
And maybe you can wear it on handshake meeting too.

~ Announcements ~

Magazine :

7/25  Muse Clip
7/30  Monthly Entame
8/6    TopYell


7/25  NHK Hall, Singing Program Public Recording
7/27  High School Quiz, Nationwide Tournament
7/29  Music Station
8/2    Good Time Music

Release :

7/27  15th Single [Hadashi de Summer]
8/5    2nd Photobook [Ichi Jikan Okure no I Love You]

Lastly, Happy Birthday Rotti !
On venue, everyone were celebrating it ♡

Yuttan too, Happy belated birthday !

Our girls who born in July are all high spirited girls ♡



Probably many error since I'm not in good condition.. :s

Bye ♡

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160719


On Monday, there was
[2016 FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri ]

We were performing ;

[Girls Rule]
[Roman Hiko]
[Hadashi de Summer]
[Southern Wind]

When Roman Hiko performance,
We were allowed to do collaboration with Ishii Tatsuya-san !

FNS are always collaborating various genres with various generations.
And it's really fun right! O (^0^) O

Ishii Tatsuya-san,
Thank you very much !

I was be able to do greetings to K-san and RADIO FISH-san too !
I'm so happy ( ^ w ^ )

We usually talk as usual.
"Someday... as Nogizaka46,
I hope we can be co-star together in Music Program !"
And its finally come true !

It's been a long time I didn't meet K-chan.
We had small talk on sofa,
Same like when we were in sony record program. (Laugh)

Small talk huh? Ummm~ I dont know.
But it's a warm conversations, and nostalgic.
It was a happy moment.

Since Oriraji-san turn was before and after us,
After it ended we were be able to do greetings ! !

Seems that they were watching our performance from monitor,
And then I received pleasant words from Nakata-san (・∀・) Doya~ (smug face)

We also watched their performance ~!

Could do co-star together with wonderful brothers,
It was really a happy day !

Next, it's also my first time to be with Keyaki-chan.
We took photo together \ ( ^ 0 ^ ) / ♡

From left;
Watanabe Risa-chan
Oda Nana-chan
Nagahama Neru-chan
Ishimori Nijika-chan

Everyone were sparkling~☆
I thought that I need to work harder !

And from other too,
Like artist-san performances,
And from the same member too.
I received stimulus from them,
It was a day where I could harvest various things.

Everyone who watched it,
Thank you very much !

Sunday Night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

Last week guest was seiyuu artist Uesaka Sumire-san,
And from Nogizaka was Hori Miona-chan !

Start from 21 pm there were various planning like
giving present (Fujimori-jiichan made a promise to buy anything that Hime want if she entering senbatsu. The present is hot and cold senpuuki desu), Fujimori-san Handshake report, and Nogilympic~

It's kinda embrassing to hear my own handshake report,
But Ikomachan handshake was really cute ♡

Next, start from 22 pm
Together with Miochan we were did various planning,
And in middle of it we also talked about Hori Poem.

Yesterday, Miochan was keep touching and playing my upper arm too~  (・∀・)ノ

Seems that Miochan is already posting
Hori Poem in her 755,
Please check it out ☆

On next Nogizaka week (31 July)
The guest is Hoshino Minami-chan !

~ Announcements ~

Magazine :

7/23  UTB
7/23  Samurai ELO
7/23  Smart
7/25  Muse Clip
7/30  Monthly Entame
8/6    TopYell


7/25  NHK Hall, Singing Program Public Recording
7/27  High School Quiz, Nationwide Tournament

Release :

7/27  15th Single [Hadashi de Summer]
8/5    2nd Photobook [Ichi Jikan Okure no I Love You]

EX-Taishu is on sale !
These three people are have talks in there !

Are you already check ;

Bessetsu Kadokawa Vol. 2,
Monthly Newtype,
CD&DL de-ta,
Booklista (WEB) ?


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160716


There was Music of The Day (Ongaku no Hi) today !

We performed 2 songs
[Girls Rule]
And [Hadashi de Summer] !
Did you watch it ?

Girls rule with new costumes,
And first performance of the new song !

ManaHime !

Because our seats in gakuya was next to each other,
we took a lot of photos ♡♡

New costumes for Girls Rule has sporty taste on it,
And the sleeves are so cute ~ (。ą 。)

And then it was the first performance of [Hadashi de Summer].
When I return to home, I failed to record the night performance part.
And I was weeping in home alone...

3 people who sang one verse together ♡

From these three people combination,
Is there any song that familiar with us? Fu fu fu~

It's been a long time for me to be in Live broadcast for song program,
And I was felt nervous~
Once again I gain more respect to other member.
I also need to get used with it quickly.

Other than that,
It was really fun ! O( ^ 0 ^ )O

Everyone who watched it,
Thank you very much !

Sunday night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

This week guest is seiyuu artist Uesaka Sumire-san,
And from Nogizaka is Hori Miona-chan.

This time mail themes are :

- Supporting messages for Miochan
- Nakamoto, when you took selfie are you think of such a thing ?
- getting know about NOGIZAKACHAN with a RAP
- Nogilympic (olympic)
- Jealousy words battle

We are waiting for your mail ! ( ^ 0 ^ )

You can submit your mail from here :


Himechan upper arm~

Bite ♡

~ Announcements ~

Magazine :

7/23  UTB
7/23  Samurai ELO
7/23  Smart
7/25  Muse Clip
7/30  Monthly Entame
8/6    TopYell


7/17  Samantha Tavatha Ladies Tournament
7/18  FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri
7/25  NHK Hall, Singing Program Public Recording
7/27  High School Quiz, Nationwide Tournament

Release :

7/27  15th Single [Hadashi de Summer]
8/5    2nd Photobook [Ichi Jikan Okure no I Love You]

I like new costume from the new song ♡

Tomorrow there is an event in Samantha-san golf course.

People who will come,
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu !
Don't forget to listen to Rajira Sunday too !

happy birthday ! (Flying)


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka Blog Translation 160713


On Sunday, there was album individual handshake meeting !

Everyone who coming,
Thank you very much ( ˇωˇ )
Now I want to do report for house sitting team~

1) Taiyou Knock
2) Shitto no Kenri (Pink)
3) Wakaregiwa, motto suki ni naru
4) Harujion ga Sakukoro (Pink)
5) Kimi wa boku to awanai hou ga yokatta no kana?

Yup! Overall I was wore all apink costumes!
Other than "Kimi boku" I was wore other member costumes

On 2nd block Fujimorisan was coming !
When he coming to my lane and Ikomachan lane,
We were happen to wear the same costume

It was a surprise!
Because I haven't heard anything about it before.
I was so surprised !

I want to hear more story about that in next Rajira Sunday

As expected, "Kimiboku" is special right~~
Included the memories, this song is the most important song for me.
Since the costume is also my favorite,
I decided to wear it on the last block !

And also because we almost can not wear the corolla and the full set on the live performance.

On Kiichan Birthday Festival,
I was allowed to read birthday letter for her.

Everyone on birthday committe,
Thank you for letting me participate in a wonderful birthday festival.
It's an honor for me ( ˇωˇ )

Kiichan, when working together again,
Let's celebrate it again later.
Also, I'm really happy w/ your blog.

Because I'm a shy person,
I wont write much about it in here.. ( /// )

You shouldn't put some or all the text of the birthday letter in your blog~ (laugh)

I love Kiichan♡♡

Album Individual Handshake Meeting in all venue are finished !

Everyone who coming,
Really thank you very much ( ˇωˇ )

I'm so grateful because I can get used with 5 block Handshake system.
And I'm happy that there was a lot of encounter.

With support from everyone,
I will do my best for 15th single and summer tour !

Although the next handshake meeting is still long,
There are nationwide tour, photobook direct sales, album award events, and etc !

There are many chances to enjoy summer together !

Everyone who will come,
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

Please look forward for the report in the blog.
There are also magazines, radio and TV !

Sunday night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

This week guest is seiyuu artist Uesaka Sumire-san,
And from Nogizaka is Hori Miona-chan.

This time mail themes are :
- Supporting messages for Miochan
- Nogilimpic (olympic)

Usual mail and request song too,
We are still waiting for it !

You can submit your mail from here :

~ Announcements ~

Magazine :

7/14  CD&DL de-ta
7/15  EX-Taishu
7/23  UTB
7/23  Samurai ELO
7/23  Smart
7/25  Muse Clip
8/6    TopYell

Web :

- Booklista


7/16  Music of the day (Ongaku no Hi)
7/17  Samantha Tabitha Ladies Tournament
7/18  FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri
7/25  NHK Hall, Singing Program Public Recording
7/27  High School Quiz, Nationwide Tournament

Release :

7/27  15th Single [Hadashi de Summer]
8/5    2nd Photobook [Ichi Jikan Okure no I Love You]

Since the new information ban has been lifted a little by little,
Please do not missed it ♡

Have you watch the MV ?

The full video seems have limited time,
So please watch it asap !


Kiichan talk about Hime in her blog 160711

This year, Himechan is the one who read birthday letter for me ! ! !

Since morning until she read the letter,
We didn't talk anything other than ["good morning !"]
I think 'ah, maybe we won't talking much today'
But later she actually did that to not leak the birthday letter ! ! !

She didn't say anything other than "good morning"
And it's already made me feel so uncomfortable...
And it shows how much the distance between us has been shrinked in the past one year ! !

She is my senior, but we are in the same age.

We met since three years and three months ago,
But on this past one year,
It feels like we already met for 10 years ! ! !

Himechan is a senior,
We are in the same age,
We are the same nogizaka member,
But it's not feel like that.
Friend? family?  no it's not...

I dont know what word to fit her the most,

But she is a really important presence for me !

On this 3 years and 3 months,
There were various activities that I did.

Of course Himechan was did various activities on this 4 years and 10 month too.

But among them,
On this one year from last year.
There were many things happen between me and Himechan.
Fun things, happy things, and pleasant things.
There were a lot times of it.

Painful things and sad things too.
Times when we feels like we can't help anyone, and have no direction.

Up until now, I could feel all of it among activities on this past one year.

Because my position is always next to Himechan,
We spend a lot of time together,
So I think that's why we could be this close !

Of course, frow now on too..
Not less than now,
Let's face various things !
Either it's painful or happy things that might happen.

From now on too, let's work hard together !

This time on 15th single,
We got selected as senbatsu nember in the same timing.
I'm really really happy ! ! !

From now on too, let's keep become close friends!
From now on too, as a good rival,
Please take care of me !

I LOVE YOU ! ! !

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160708


[Hadashi de Summer] MV
Has been released !

Please check it on Nogizaka46 Official Youtube Channel !

When shooting for the MV,
We were asked to pull out our natural facial expressions.
and because it was a really fun work, everyone smile are became so alluring.

And because I really like [Sonna baka na..] MV,
I'm really happy to have work with Maruyama director and up tune again o ( ^ 0 ^ ) o

[Nogizaka46 3rd Year Birhday Live] BD&DVD
Is now on sale ! !

I haven't watch the bonus footage,
But I already watch all the main video~ ( ^ w ^ )

A year and half ago, at that time
I was performing while thinking about various things,
And it was also just before the time for High school graduation right...

At that time, there were people who know and don't know about about me.
After watch it and will coming to our tour this year,
I hope it can make they to more enjoy it differently.

On technical side, we were still clumsy, and still in growing process.
It's kinda embrassing......

But well, we were hell-bent, and we were still  young !

Nogidan has been recorded too !
Yoroshikuu !

Tomorrow, 9th July is Monthly Newtype release date.
On this series, me and Matchun are featured in it.

We are allowed to have a very nice experience!
Work that I have been longing for,
It was really an happy time....

Every time I read newtype-san,
I didn't raise my head.
By all means, please check it out !

Summer anime it's already begun ! !

~ Announcements ~

Magazine :

7/9     Monthly New Type
7/14  CD&DL de-ta
7/15  EX-Taishu
7/23  UTB
7/23  Samurai ELO
8/6    TopYell


7/17  Samantha Tabitha Ladies Tournament
7/18  FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri
7/25  NHK Hall, Singing Program Public Recording
7/27  High School Quiz, Nationwide Tournament

Release :

7/27  15th Single [Hadashi de Summer]
8/5    2nd Photobook [Ichi Jikan Okure no I Love You]

On Sunday there are album individual handshake meeting right~!

It's in Pacifico Yokohama ~
I hope no one will mistaken the venue again.
We will waiting for you in Yokohama ♡

What costume should I wear ?


Ps: I bet there are many mistakes, please forgive me ;bow;

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Nakada Kana (Kannarin) Blog Translation 160707

Branch point-kana ? 1301

Yaa--ii (¨)ノ

I already received gift from everyone (fans) yesterday ! !

Thank you very much

3rd Generation Application recruitment has already begun right?

The application period is until
19th July, 12 o'clock !!

Don't forget to apply ! So you won't have any regret !

It's better to think about it when you passed it.

I was attending school which prohibited to do entertainment activities,
But after I passed the audition, there were people from school who contacted me to quit..

But after all it's Nakada life right?

If you look at the current Nakada right now...
I didn't get selected for senbatsu in 3 years..
And many people think that
me who choose to quit from school was made a mistake..


Not at all,
Because I keep thinking that I'm glad I quit from school.

There were painful things, and crying things like a devil,

Suprisingly, it's really fun when we do various things, everyday...

I hope there won't any regret later.

The final audition is on 21th August,
Same like 1st generation before.

I can't wait to meet everyone from 3rd generations ! !

Tomorrow is Friday, so don't forget to listen to Friday Silence (radio program on FM FUJI - Kannarin as reguler assistant)

Kana  ̄(=∵=) ̄

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160705


15th single [Hadashi de Summer]
Song and Jacket Cover has been published

This time, the theme is [selfie],
It was the first time for me to use selfie stick ~ !

All of us hold the smartphone alternately,
And took photos in various situation.
Everyone were so excited and it was really fun ! o ( ^ 0 ^ ) o

Although I already become a good friend with these 5 people,
But at that day I think the distance between us is become closer again ♡

On regular version it's Ashurin who hold the camera,
And everyone are taken all together.
Please check it out too ~

The cover with 6 people are in Type D, right?
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

Sunday Night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

The guest were Seiyuu artists from Every♡ing, Kido Ibuki-san and Yamazaki Erii-san.
And from Nogizaka was Akimoto Manatsu-chan !

New seifuku !

Started from 21 pm I was still in middle of cruising event, so it was brought to you in form of relay with the studio.
And started from 22 pm we were talking live in the studio~

Manatsu is member with the most appearance in Rajira o (^ 0 ^ ) o
Tsurishi battle it's fun !
Please come again anytime ♡♡

it also my first Rajira after I get in senbatsu,

Waaaa ( ;  ; )

Even in middle of the program, and after it ended too,
Everyone were celebrated it ( ;  ; )

I received a lot of warm words from
Oriraji-san, Staffs-san, and listener.

On that day, once again I could feel
That I'm really happy to become a part of this wonderful program.

Up until now I've shared a lot of sad things,
But this time I'm glad I could report happy news.

I will still devote myself !
From now on too, please take care of me !

~ Announcements ~

Magazine :

7/9    Monthly New Type
7/14  CD de-ta
7/15  EX-Taishu
7/23  UTB


7/17  Samantha Tabitha Ladies Tournament

7/18  FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri

Release :

7/6    3rd Birthday Live BD&DVD
7/27  15th Single [Hadashi de Summer]
8/5    2nd Photobook [Ichi Jikan Okure no I Love You]

Seibu Dome Live BD & DVD
It's on sale ! !

I already have it,
And will watch it a little by little
Because the duration is long~

Everyone~ please enjoy it too ~!

Everyone who coming to Cruising Event,
Thank you very much ( ^ 0 ^ )

In middle of the event,
I was missing and did relay radio in terrace~
The wind was so comfortable~♪


Friday, July 1, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160701


Is reached the final episode ( ;   ; )

I was allowed to served as an assistant MC too,
Up until now it was the most fulfilling Nogibingo season for me ! !

Not from the terraced seat (seat for member),
But when I saw Ijiri-san from the same seat as MC,
I found a lot of new discoveries.

It was really fun when we did the title call together~☆

There were [Let's expose the real face of the member] back theme.
But I think I didn't see a lot of  their relax expressions..

Personally, I like the #9 episode the most ! (The  ケータイトーQ)

I appeared in NOGIROOM too ( ˇωˇ )
Please watch it on Hulu~☆

On Tuesday, I attended From Aqua-san New CM press conference !

I do not participate in the CM,
But I participated in the graphic (photo) shooting~

Same like last year,
It will be placed on station yard of vending machines with Nogizaka-chan spesification

Don't forget to look for Himetan in the vending machines too~ ( ˇωˇ )

Sunday Night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

This week guest are 2 seiyuu artist from every♡ing
Kido Ibuki-san and Yamazaki Erii-san.
And from Nogizaka is Akimoto Manatsu-chan.

Recruitment mail for mail themes,
Usual mail, request song, and other corner too
We are still waiting for your mail ~!

You can submit your mail from here :

Ah~~ that's right !
In Bessetsu Kadokawa-san,
There are plenty talks about Rajira~ ( ^ 0 ^ )

~ announcements ~

7/9    Monthly New Type
7/14  Cd de-ta
7/15  EX-Taishu
7/23  UTB

7/6   3rd Birthday Live BD&DVD
8/5   Nogizaka46 2nd Photo Album


Next, on 17th July
Nogizaka-chan will appear in
Samantha Tabitha Girls Collection.
Ladies Tournament 2016 !

For more details, you can check it on official site~

On Sunday there will be album privilage events right?

Cruising team,
Houseboat team,
Let's enjoyed it together~☆