Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka Blog Translation 160713


On Sunday, there was album individual handshake meeting !

Everyone who coming,
Thank you very much ( ˇωˇ )
Now I want to do report for house sitting team~

1) Taiyou Knock
2) Shitto no Kenri (Pink)
3) Wakaregiwa, motto suki ni naru
4) Harujion ga Sakukoro (Pink)
5) Kimi wa boku to awanai hou ga yokatta no kana?

Yup! Overall I was wore all apink costumes!
Other than "Kimi boku" I was wore other member costumes

On 2nd block Fujimorisan was coming !
When he coming to my lane and Ikomachan lane,
We were happen to wear the same costume

It was a surprise!
Because I haven't heard anything about it before.
I was so surprised !

I want to hear more story about that in next Rajira Sunday

As expected, "Kimiboku" is special right~~
Included the memories, this song is the most important song for me.
Since the costume is also my favorite,
I decided to wear it on the last block !

And also because we almost can not wear the corolla and the full set on the live performance.

On Kiichan Birthday Festival,
I was allowed to read birthday letter for her.

Everyone on birthday committe,
Thank you for letting me participate in a wonderful birthday festival.
It's an honor for me ( ˇωˇ )

Kiichan, when working together again,
Let's celebrate it again later.
Also, I'm really happy w/ your blog.

Because I'm a shy person,
I wont write much about it in here.. ( /// )

You shouldn't put some or all the text of the birthday letter in your blog~ (laugh)

I love Kiichan♡♡

Album Individual Handshake Meeting in all venue are finished !

Everyone who coming,
Really thank you very much ( ˇωˇ )

I'm so grateful because I can get used with 5 block Handshake system.
And I'm happy that there was a lot of encounter.

With support from everyone,
I will do my best for 15th single and summer tour !

Although the next handshake meeting is still long,
There are nationwide tour, photobook direct sales, album award events, and etc !

There are many chances to enjoy summer together !

Everyone who will come,
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

Please look forward for the report in the blog.
There are also magazines, radio and TV !

Sunday night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

This week guest is seiyuu artist Uesaka Sumire-san,
And from Nogizaka is Hori Miona-chan.

This time mail themes are :
- Supporting messages for Miochan
- Nogilimpic (olympic)

Usual mail and request song too,
We are still waiting for it !

You can submit your mail from here :

~ Announcements ~

Magazine :

7/14  CD&DL de-ta
7/15  EX-Taishu
7/23  UTB
7/23  Samurai ELO
7/23  Smart
7/25  Muse Clip
8/6    TopYell

Web :

- Booklista


7/16  Music of the day (Ongaku no Hi)
7/17  Samantha Tabitha Ladies Tournament
7/18  FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri
7/25  NHK Hall, Singing Program Public Recording
7/27  High School Quiz, Nationwide Tournament

Release :

7/27  15th Single [Hadashi de Summer]
8/5    2nd Photobook [Ichi Jikan Okure no I Love You]

Since the new information ban has been lifted a little by little,
Please do not missed it ♡

Have you watch the MV ?

The full video seems have limited time,
So please watch it asap !


Kiichan talk about Hime in her blog 160711

This year, Himechan is the one who read birthday letter for me ! ! !

Since morning until she read the letter,
We didn't talk anything other than ["good morning !"]
I think 'ah, maybe we won't talking much today'
But later she actually did that to not leak the birthday letter ! ! !

She didn't say anything other than "good morning"
And it's already made me feel so uncomfortable...
And it shows how much the distance between us has been shrinked in the past one year ! !

She is my senior, but we are in the same age.

We met since three years and three months ago,
But on this past one year,
It feels like we already met for 10 years ! ! !

Himechan is a senior,
We are in the same age,
We are the same nogizaka member,
But it's not feel like that.
Friend? family?  no it's not...

I dont know what word to fit her the most,

But she is a really important presence for me !

On this 3 years and 3 months,
There were various activities that I did.

Of course Himechan was did various activities on this 4 years and 10 month too.

But among them,
On this one year from last year.
There were many things happen between me and Himechan.
Fun things, happy things, and pleasant things.
There were a lot times of it.

Painful things and sad things too.
Times when we feels like we can't help anyone, and have no direction.

Up until now, I could feel all of it among activities on this past one year.

Because my position is always next to Himechan,
We spend a lot of time together,
So I think that's why we could be this close !

Of course, frow now on too..
Not less than now,
Let's face various things !
Either it's painful or happy things that might happen.

From now on too, let's work hard together !

This time on 15th single,
We got selected as senbatsu nember in the same timing.
I'm really really happy ! ! !

From now on too, let's keep become close friends!
From now on too, as a good rival,
Please take care of me !

I LOVE YOU ! ! !

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