Friday, July 1, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160701


Is reached the final episode ( ;   ; )

I was allowed to served as an assistant MC too,
Up until now it was the most fulfilling Nogibingo season for me ! !

Not from the terraced seat (seat for member),
But when I saw Ijiri-san from the same seat as MC,
I found a lot of new discoveries.

It was really fun when we did the title call together~☆

There were [Let's expose the real face of the member] back theme.
But I think I didn't see a lot of  their relax expressions..

Personally, I like the #9 episode the most ! (The  ケータイトーQ)

I appeared in NOGIROOM too ( ˇωˇ )
Please watch it on Hulu~☆

On Tuesday, I attended From Aqua-san New CM press conference !

I do not participate in the CM,
But I participated in the graphic (photo) shooting~

Same like last year,
It will be placed on station yard of vending machines with Nogizaka-chan spesification

Don't forget to look for Himetan in the vending machines too~ ( ˇωˇ )

Sunday Night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

This week guest are 2 seiyuu artist from every♡ing
Kido Ibuki-san and Yamazaki Erii-san.
And from Nogizaka is Akimoto Manatsu-chan.

Recruitment mail for mail themes,
Usual mail, request song, and other corner too
We are still waiting for your mail ~!

You can submit your mail from here :

Ah~~ that's right !
In Bessetsu Kadokawa-san,
There are plenty talks about Rajira~ ( ^ 0 ^ )

~ announcements ~

7/9    Monthly New Type
7/14  Cd de-ta
7/15  EX-Taishu
7/23  UTB

7/6   3rd Birthday Live BD&DVD
8/5   Nogizaka46 2nd Photo Album


Next, on 17th July
Nogizaka-chan will appear in
Samantha Tabitha Girls Collection.
Ladies Tournament 2016 !

For more details, you can check it on official site~

On Sunday there will be album privilage events right?

Cruising team,
Houseboat team,
Let's enjoyed it together~☆


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