Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka Blog Translation 160724


Nationwide Tour, 3 Performances in Osaka
it's safely ended !

Everyone who came,
Thank you very much !
Did you enjoy it ?

Following with new 15th single member formation,
The nationwide tour system is became new too.
There was different tension than when in Shizuoka.

And personally,
My position has changed.

While doing parallel rehearsal for various works,
The environment and scenery are changed too.

It's already 1 month
since Shizuoka performances ended.

Being usual me,
The type of human who keep thinking about
How will the result be.

There are a lot of things to learn for the Live performances,
And I even think that I might can't catch up with it.

I've never been in hurry like this
since the 2nd Under Live in Ariake. (Laugh)

But after all, it feels really fun when standing on the stage. O ( ^ 0 ^ ) O

The challenges are still many, and one of it is to have peace of mind.

To not forget the mind to enjoy it too.
Once again I could feel that from Osaka performances.

Osaka-Jo Hall full house, it's really beautiful !
Thank you for showing wonderful scenery !
Really thank you very much !

Nagoya, Sendai, Fukuoka and Tokyo.
We will run through until the end !

Ah, that's right..
After all Captain presence is really big.
Get well soon ♡

And next, 23th July is time for
New Magazines release day

I haven't check it yet,
So I don't know which shoot that get used,
But I will post some offshoot in here \ ( ^ 0 ^ ) /


I've been allowed to be in back cover too (  ;   ;  )

Kind of fairy in forest......ummm I don't really know about it,
But it has feeling and theme like it.

The shooting was in spring season,
But if you look at it now, somehow you can feel the different contrast on it.

I want to see it asap too !


I couldn't announce about this earlier.
Please forgive me ( > _ < )

All member were taken in right?
We got chance like this on winter too,
And this time everyone are wearing yukata~☆


It has Kitano and Nakamoto.

We talked about men's fashion,
And after all it's really difficult right~?

For men's who have trouble with
What clothes to wear on this summer,
I would be glad if you can get refference from this.
And maybe you can wear it on handshake meeting too.

~ Announcements ~

Magazine :

7/25  Muse Clip
7/30  Monthly Entame
8/6    TopYell


7/25  NHK Hall, Singing Program Public Recording
7/27  High School Quiz, Nationwide Tournament
7/29  Music Station
8/2    Good Time Music

Release :

7/27  15th Single [Hadashi de Summer]
8/5    2nd Photobook [Ichi Jikan Okure no I Love You]

Lastly, Happy Birthday Rotti !
On venue, everyone were celebrating it ♡

Yuttan too, Happy belated birthday !

Our girls who born in July are all high spirited girls ♡



Probably many error since I'm not in good condition.. :s

Bye ♡

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