Saturday, July 9, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160708


[Hadashi de Summer] MV
Has been released !

Please check it on Nogizaka46 Official Youtube Channel !

When shooting for the MV,
We were asked to pull out our natural facial expressions.
and because it was a really fun work, everyone smile are became so alluring.

And because I really like [Sonna baka na..] MV,
I'm really happy to have work with Maruyama director and up tune again o ( ^ 0 ^ ) o

[Nogizaka46 3rd Year Birhday Live] BD&DVD
Is now on sale ! !

I haven't watch the bonus footage,
But I already watch all the main video~ ( ^ w ^ )

A year and half ago, at that time
I was performing while thinking about various things,
And it was also just before the time for High school graduation right...

At that time, there were people who know and don't know about about me.
After watch it and will coming to our tour this year,
I hope it can make they to more enjoy it differently.

On technical side, we were still clumsy, and still in growing process.
It's kinda embrassing......

But well, we were hell-bent, and we were still  young !

Nogidan has been recorded too !
Yoroshikuu !

Tomorrow, 9th July is Monthly Newtype release date.
On this series, me and Matchun are featured in it.

We are allowed to have a very nice experience!
Work that I have been longing for,
It was really an happy time....

Every time I read newtype-san,
I didn't raise my head.
By all means, please check it out !

Summer anime it's already begun ! !

~ Announcements ~

Magazine :

7/9     Monthly New Type
7/14  CD&DL de-ta
7/15  EX-Taishu
7/23  UTB
7/23  Samurai ELO
8/6    TopYell


7/17  Samantha Tabitha Ladies Tournament
7/18  FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri
7/25  NHK Hall, Singing Program Public Recording
7/27  High School Quiz, Nationwide Tournament

Release :

7/27  15th Single [Hadashi de Summer]
8/5    2nd Photobook [Ichi Jikan Okure no I Love You]

On Sunday there are album individual handshake meeting right~!

It's in Pacifico Yokohama ~
I hope no one will mistaken the venue again.
We will waiting for you in Yokohama ♡

What costume should I wear ?


Ps: I bet there are many mistakes, please forgive me ;bow;

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