Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160627

On Saturday, there was Album Individual Handshake Meeting in Makuhari Messe !

1部 Popipappapa
2部 Shitto no Kenri
3部 Ima, hanashitai dareka ga iru
4部 Futougou
5部 Harujion ga Sakukoro

I wore costume that I'm not usually wear, costume from senbatsu song.
Whole body photo is like this (Photo above)

Little sister from Sudare shimai (Hime-Miria combi name)
Miria-chan so cute~~~~ (´,,•ω•,,`)

The futougou costume is the different version from that I usually wear.
Kiichan wore costume with sleeve ver. and
Hime wore costume with no sleeve ver. !
It's a rare case for use to wear it differently !

Ah, by the way I read Kiichan blog a few days ago~~
Yup! recently, we are becoming more and more closer o(^0^)o

Shitto no Kenri,
I wore the original purple costume.

The hairstyle were also changed a little by little,
Did you noticed it?

It's been a long time to have handshake meeting in Kanto right?

There were a lot of impressions about 46hoursTV, Shizuoka Live, NOGIBINGO!6 which going to end, 15th single, and other.

There were also many people who said that they will come and watch Summer Nationwide Tour !
Aaahh... it's already Summer huh~~~?

Somehow it's scary to telling about something who not yet come... lol

In case to not feel everything went over quickly,
I will work harder ! (`・ω・´)

Next, we will see you in Pacifico Yokohama !
Everyone who coming,
Thank you very much !

Every Sunday Night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

This week guest are 2 seiyuu artist from every♡ing,
And from Nogizaka is Akimoto Manatsu-chan.

This time mail themes are :
¤ Supporting messages for Manatsu
¤ Congratulations♡Himetan
¤ Kyogaku no Hokoku
¤ On black stripe paper, what will you write ?
¤ Tsurishi battle

It's "Congratulations Himetan" corner yo ! ! !
I'm really waiting for your email ! (LoL)  *ドヤ元 come*

You can submit your mail in here :

And now I want to tell you a bit about new upcoming magazine

Bessatsu Kadokawa, all out feature Nogizaka46 Vol. 2

It's featured with Nogizaka-chan radio program !
I was interviewed,
And of course, me is about [Rajira Sunday !]

It was taken while I have an appearance in studio.
We also talked a lot for the interview~

We talked about radio, Nogizaka group, my personal thought...
And also about other things too (laugh)

CD de-ta
Kitano and Nakamoto are featured in it !

Each of us were interviewed,
And there also talks between us (^0^)
It has plenty of our talks in it.

It also come with bonus poster~
Please look forward for it !


Asuka, Kitano, Nakamoto !
Three of us were talked about each of our relationship.

It will be nice if you can enjoy the difference between our tension (・∀・) lol

To talked about my personal story again,
It's a two consecutive chance for me ! (Before was w/ Iku)
Thank you very much !

~ announcements ~

6/27  Space Shower TV Plus *Re-air
6/29  Bessatsu Kadokawa
7/9    Monthly New Type
7/14  CD de-ta
7/15  EX-Taishu
7/23  UTB

7/6   3rd Birthday Live BD&DVD
8/5   Nogizaka46 2nd Photobook

We get another photo album !
Seems that there will also direct sales event on the release day !
For further information,
Please check the official site~  ( ˇωˇ )

KimiBoku song costume is well received by all members,
I'm so glad ♡♡

Ah, by the way I read Chiichan blog too !
Thank you for your love to Me-chan !
Two of then were also wore it in the same time,
I'm so happy~

tonight is the last episode, it feels so fast..
It has an atmosphere like in a party, and it's really fun !

I also appear in Nogiroom,
Please watch it !

Waka, Happy Birthday ♡♡


Ps: sorry for the delay.. lol
This time blog is kinda long, and I need a long time to write it first in my notebook then type it in my little phone 😢

btw, I'm really glad about Hime being in senbatsu.
Cant wait for her mail to come to tell me about her new works, experience, and etc.
Other than that, I'm really glad that she really enjoyed it from deep of her heart.

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