Friday, June 17, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160616


On 15th and 16th June,
Manatsu Zenkoku Tour is started,
it also Fukugawa Mai-chan Graduation concert !

Shizuoka Eco Park Arena !

to held concert in Shizuoka is the first time for us, 
it has Maimai feeling's in it, 
it's really a wonderful 2 days ( ˇωˇ )

while singing in the same song that we participated together, 
I thought [ah, it looks like this is our last time to sing it together] 
it was such a strange feelings

even the songs are has been sung many times until now,
somehow it's became really special now..

It's sad to see member graduating, but
in the end they choose their own path..
Their walking figure is really cool, and I really respect them

Maimai is Nogizaka46 pride,
and I think that she is a wonderful person

on the last stage,
we had talked one by one, 
and at that times the words that I received from her is 
please do not ever forget me !

once again, Congratulations on your graduation.
really, thank you for your hard work.

On 18th June,
there is Handshake Meeting for 2nd album event in Kyoto !

everyone who coming,
please take care of me (^o^)

Handshake meeting album version,
that's mean we will wearing song costumes~* 
we usually didn't wear it, so it's a rare chance right !

15th June is EX-Taishu released day,
Ikuta x Nakamoto were interviewed !

Ikuta-san please let me pose ( ´ ・ω・ ` )
my right hand is ready..... sad (lol)

I will try to check it once I have free time,
but it seems that our loose talk are written in there too~~

and next,
I'm sorry I couldn't notice it earlier !
on 16th June, Ikuta . Hashimoto. Nakamoto

was allowed to appear in 
100% Hits ! Space Shower TV Plus
[Nogizaka46 Special - Sorezore no Isu]

On there we had many talks about 2nd Album (^o^)
three of us are participated in different song, 
so I think it must be interesting 

there is also repeat broadcast on 27th June 25:00~26:00 
Please check it out!

three of us were also

allowed to appear in
100% Hits ! Space Shower TV Plus
[Nogizaka46 Music Video Special] !

it will aired on 18th June 23:30~24:30 !

on this topic about Music video,
we talked about behind the scene story, recommended scene, etc..
we talked about it based from our perspective (^o^)

yoroshiku onegaishimasu~*

Sunday Night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

This week seiyuu artist guest is Watanabe Yui-san,
and from Nogizaka are Noujou Ami-chan, 
Wada Maaya-chan, and Itou Karin-chan 

mail themes that I already wrote on previous blog,
usual mail, and request song,
we still waiting for it~~

you can submit your letter from here ;

the photo is I borrowed from Nogizaka46 official twitter~ (photo above)

on the live rehearsal, 
member are using Rajira notes and file~ 
I'm so glad o(^o^)o

everyone, please get it too !


6/17 AKB Shinbun (Newspaper)
6/18 Space Shower TV Plus
6/27 Space Shower TV Plus

7/6 3rd Birthday LIVE BD&DVD

being published in Real sound

there also some announcements again,
please wait a little more until the release date ban is lifted


Maimai ;A;A;A;A; 

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