Friday, June 24, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160623

Somehow it's already in the end of June.
First half of the year is going to end..
It feels so fast like in the blink of an eye.

Recently, while look into the image folder :
"So this is what happen on this half year" while flashing back.

By the way, I did wrong numbering again on the previous blog.
Please forgive me, ugh I kept doing it again.

Next, I want to tell you a bit about new magazine announcement !

On "Monthly New Type - July Edition" 

Me and Matchun are featured in it

I've allowed to experienced wonderful things,
Things that I really wanted in my life,
Things that I've been longing for,
It was really fun works !

For me there's nothing more fun than that.
It was reallu fun times \ ( ^ 0 ^ ) /
We also talked about the current anime~

UTB Vol. 245

I allowed to have solo gravure~~

I like gravure, so I'm really happy !
On my 20th year, I was called to have a shooting again.
I'm really grateful

Also, this time are 10 page and in the back cover too ! !
I'm so happy....
Please check it out ~!

The location is really beautiful !

Tomorrow on 25th june is
Album individual handshake event right~☆

The venue is in Makuhari Messe~
I hope you not mistaken the venue again~

As I already mentioned on the previous blog,
Usually we are wearing our own clothes, 
But this time we wearing the song costume, started from the 11th single song costume.

We can wear different costume on each block, 
or wear it in different form like usual,
Or with the color difference..
Maybe I will or not take a risk from it ( ^ 0 ^ )

Let's having fun~
Please take care of me too !

Taiyou Knock 2 Pattern !


6/27 Space Shower TV Plus *re air
7/8 Monthly New Type
7/23 UTB

7/6 3rd Birthday Live BD & DVD

seems that the typhoon is approaching....

Last night my hometown was get hit ( > _ < )

Everyone please be careful...


Ps: I cant access my lappy until mid July (because of long holiday)
So maybe the translation will come a bit late. 

Please excuse my error :bow:

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