Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Bog Translations 160606


I was chosen as 15th single senbatsu member.

in a decent manner,
I have said things, such as
[I won't be concerned with the position],
but however...

the truth is, I still can't forget 
the scenery I saw when I was in Baretta senbatsu....

no matter how many times I fell,
everyone are still there,
encouraged me,
pressing my back ..

I still hang in there, facing the forward again..
it's all because of support from everyone.

I'm sorry I have to kept you waiting for a long time,
even so, because you are keep believing in me and keep supporting me..
Now I can be able to work in this position again after a long time

really, thank you very much

8 single after it , this is my second time senbatsu.

Back then it was just ended without leave any good results,
since then I want to grab another chance,
and it took 2,5 years until now.

Now that I want to stay continue on this place,
I must work harder, more than ever in order to make it true.

the framework of the selection are so precious,
I could feel it every time I watch the announcement

so that's why, things called an ego...
since first there are no place for us to stand,
and in order to aim the heights, we will work harder !

among the senbatsu member now,
I am the  member who have spent the shortest times in senbatsu.

There are many things that I must absorb, 
rather than feel haste,
I feel so excited now.

at the same times, when I was in under member
I came to learn a lot of things

while gain experience points,
there are no substitute to get a lot of practical experience.
so that's why now I can say it with confidence.
That I was be able to to growth because of under live.

about that thing, I want to tell it to senbatsu member even just a little.. 
because we do that to raise each other,
so I think it will be good.

since the announcement,
I received a lot of comment from everyone in my blog.

many can not be written here,
but I received nice words from members

within myself now,
there is Rajira, which is the best and warm home for me

Me personally, I cannot boast my own self.. 
I'm really blessed with people around me,
and they are my only pride ( ˆωˆ )

It couldn't be obtained unless I become  Nogizaka member.
there are a lot of encounter,
and every single of it are irreplaceable for me

To all of the people who involved with us,
I'm filled with gratitude,
I wish I can repay it back even just a little

I still in growing process,
I still clumsy, stubborn,  not listen to my own mind..
and always being fearful person.

from now on too,
I would be happy if you can warmly watching over me

Kiichan, let's work hard together, 
Asuka-chan, center congratulations !

-Nakamoto Himeka-

Hime comment in Nogichu 160605

Bananaman : congratulations!
when you got called, your expressions is kinda weird, what happened ?
Hime : when it said that the senbatsu are 16 people, I think that "ah, too bad" (must be not in again)
Bananaman : oohh, you think you won't get in. for 15th single?
Hime : yes. I got surprised
Hime : I ever only in senbatsu for 7th single, other than that I always in under. 
Of course, I do think that this group main place is to be in senbatsu. 
But I never selected again, and I always think what should I do? I always thinking about that.
there also many times when I get worried about it.
Bananaman : you do work hard, harder.. but you can't reach it, right?
Hime : yes, but my fans keep saying "next time you must be in! we will keep supporting you until you get in there" 
so that's why I think it's all because of everyone support,  so I can get selected now.
on this single I want to do my best  so I can repay my gratitude to them.
Bananaman :  but for us, it does not look that you are not in here since 7th single right?
Hime : *keep shake her head* *iyaiyaiya~*
Bananamn : please do your best !
Hime : thank you very much.

Hime~~~~!! Congratulations :""")


  1. Yayyy!! Congrats Hime-chan!
    Thank you for the translations, as always :)

  2. Congratulations Himetan :) I am so glad for her and was very excited when I knew that she was included in senbatsu. I genuinely hope that she would be able to stay in senbatsu.

    Thanks for the translations!