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Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160613


10th June - 12th June,

we did 2nd series of Nogizaka46hoursTV 
for Nogizaka46 2nd Album
[Sorezore no Isu] launch event

My personal MVP photo is
Ayane-chan. so cute~~
this time we brought a lot of planning !

MC in 2nd Day

Sayuri and me were became MC from evening until night !

there's a lot of me being clumsy as a moderator... 
and it seems that I like to do an aiu movement too,
but it was really fun ! o(^o^)o

Sayuchan thank you very much !
other member who did MC too,
thank you for your hard work~

Karaoke Battle

I choose Hitomi-san - LOVE2000 song on my own~

usually I used many opportunities to sing 80's song in tv,
but I wonder if this time I comparatively singing a newer song ?

Red team is ended up losing,
but I could listen to member singing voice, and it was really a wonderful time.
every time... my singing techniques are......, I'm really sorry. (laugh)

Denshidai [continuation after the revenge three]

With full blast I was doing a skit,
on the last time recording (Nogichuu onsen trio episode), 
and also on this live broadcasting, I want to challenged it again

When everyone laughing, I was really happy,
I'm sorry if you had to feel uncomfortable with the lack of my narrative 

and then, Sayuchan, Marika, I'm sorry to involving you two~
I hope we can deliver our usual conversation together again..
I'm glad I was did that planning ( ˆωˆ )

watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNMnHKRxiC0


Ikuta. Chiharu. Nakamoto. 
We chuusangumi were challenged to do Ekakiuta..
is there anyone who watch that on real time ?

there's a time when I gave a comment in bored tone..
I wonder what did happen at that day.....
I was thinking "it's not cute!" while saw the answer.. (laugh)
(hime became black hime) 
watch Chuuusangumi ekakiuta full part in here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eP4BuuaUvU

well.. it's something like that...
the answer was really hard for me.
everyone please try to do that too ~

there were also many other planning ! 

On last time I do think about that too..
46 hours live broadcasting, 
it's sure a great project that I never heard before.

Staff-san who prepared the program,
video streaming sponsor who helped us,
and also many people who borrowed their power to us..

we were able to successfully finish it.
really thank you very much for your hard work..
also everyone who watched it,
thank you very much !

your message, illustration, twitter vote..
this time, if there's no cooperation from audience and everyone,
it would be a lot of not satisfied planning

It's really in real time,
and I could felt that "there's a lot of people who watching~~" in every segment !

and lastly,
Fujimori-san thank you very much !
I'm sorry I was not in studio at that time~ ( >_< )

On 12th June
[Chihara Seiji no Bazu  Doru] was aired in Me-tele~

Yuuri. Wada. Nakamoto. 
Three of us were allowed to cast ( ˆωˆ )

We could co-starring with various Idol-san,
it inspired me to work harder..

also there are Idol-san who know about me, it makes me happy ♡
they also put our photos in their SNS,
thank you for write your impressions after the recording.

It was my first time to work with Chihara Seiji-san, 
he is a friendly person and we talked a lot.
the recording was really fun !

Sunday Night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

Next week, Nakamoto will be absent ( >_< ) 
I'm sorry, tho I feel so lonely ( >_< ) 

From Nogizaka, Noujou Ami-chan,
Wada Maaya-chan, and Itou Karin chan will coming !

this time mail themes are a lot more than usual !
we are waiting for your mail~

◯ Supporting messages for Ami, Maaya and Karin
◯ RAP de oshiete NOGIZAKA
◯ Himetan is absent, what is her real reason?
◯ Hitorinori amiami

◯ Maaya quiz ! with raw photo as prize
◯ say it with sexy ♡ (Ami vs Maaya)

◯ Shogi Karin Otebishatori
◯ Nogizaka46 member presentation battle (Ami vs Karin)

you can submit your letter from here
and guest from seiyuu artist is Watanabe Yui-san !

It will be Maaya and Karin first appearance.

we are still waiting your mail, and also request song too
oh yeah, I saw the introduction page a bit
and it seems that they already had a talk with staff-san..
both of you, thank you very much( ;  ; )

Since I want to report it once again from my mouth,
but it's became a bit too early, 
so please wait for it !
tonight NOGIBINGO!6
is about member first experience segment

please watch it ( ˆωˆ )
several episode left until the last episode. it feels so fast~

and then, on 15th and 16th June,
there will be Maimai graduation concert.

it take a place in Maimai hometown in Shizuoka Eco Park Arena.
On both days we will do slightly different.
and it's going to be a lovely graduation concerts. 


I bet there are many error.
please excuse me :bow:

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