Friday, June 10, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translations 160609


On my latest blog there are many comments from everyone,
really thank you very much.

I read it little by little 
to finish reading it all
I think it would take a little more time,
but I will read it all as well.

when 7th single I had a stance with a full force, 
but right now my feelings is kinda a bit different

I will give it all in my own way !
of course I won't forget the feelings to grow too,
I will work hard in a full length ! 

from now on too,
please take care of me ( ˇωˇ )

do it on my way.....

Everyone, did you watch it?

because member are wearing their own clothes,
it has fresh feeling than when we wear seifuku, it was so cute right?!
as assistant I was became a smartphone !

private mail exchange between us were published, I'm sorry..

I won't published it again in other program,
so please keep send me a lot of your wonderful song ( ˆωˆ )

and then, 6/6 is TopYell released date 

I've been allowed to do serialization in many times, 
I'm so grateful~

This time, I challenged Air Yoga !
it's been a long time to become so active like this,
my body was quite stretched, but it was fun ! 

what an opportunity, 
because I was allowed to do something that we can't experience everyday.
It's a valuable experience ( ˆωˆ )

next, 6/10 is Marquee released date !

I've been allowed to do gravure shoot together with Yuttan 

In the interview,
we talked about Under Live in Tohoku,
2nd Album, and etc.

please check it out~ ( ˇωˇ )

also, Me and Noujou got interviewed by Real sound-san !

Nogizaka46 Nakamoto Himeka & Noujo Ami are revealing,
group "Theatricality" and
the reason of under live innovations.

I talked about Under Live, and Ami talked about Joshiraku,
two of us were also talked about the 2nd Album ( ˆωˆ )

soon I want to give new announcement.
but, by all means please check it out !

I love Coconut water ! 

and next, as has been said before in latest Rajira,

on next Nogizaka week on 19th June,
Nakamoto will take a day off ( >_< )

My partner, Ami-chan
will substituting me in Nogizaka corner 2 hours appearance, and also the guest are
Wada Maaya-chan will appear start from 9pm, and
Itou Karin will appear start from 10 pm !

since Ami-chan is kinda anxious
please submit your mail for her.
in the end please pardon me because assistant seat is taken away.
But that kid is a capable person, so it's okay

seiyuu artist, mail themes, and etc.
I will let you know the further information !

and next, tomorrow is finally 

2nd Album
[Sorezore no Isu]  launch event,
Nogizaka46Hours TV will started !

we will hijack many internet stations,
in 46 hours we will deliver it live.
also the countdown in official site is already begun right ( ˆωˆ )

this time we also provides a lot of planning,
everyone! let's enjoy it all together~!

ah, but, it seems impossible..
if you get sleepy, please get some sleep,


6/10-12 46 Hours TV
6/12 Chihara Seiji no Bazu☆Doru (Me~tele)
6/15 EX-Taishu
6/17 AKB Shinbun / AKB Newspaper

It's being published in Real Sound

There was also [Harujion ga Sakukoro] special event,
Autograph session !

Everyone who came, thank you very much~*


it will be the first time for Hime to get substitute as assistant MC in Rajira sunday, 
usually they will just swapped the week between SKE and Nogi..
I wonder what happen...
is this relates to senbatsu schedule...or?

Ikuchan pls don't angry to hime (>//w//<)

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