Thursday, September 1, 2016

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4th BIRTHDAY LIVE & Nationwide Summer Tour Final,
3 days in Meiji Jingu Stadium

thanks to everyone,
we could safely finish it ! !

we performed all Nogizaka songs (112 songs)

though the topic is just about it,
I might write a mountain of words,
but I'm just going to write briefly here. lol


 the different from 3rd to 4th bday is about filling member position who already graduated

but on Birthday Live there is a tradition to always stick up with the original member,
and basically we don't wanna to change the number of people,

every year, various member are become someone under,
and this time I was became Maimai under in [Boku ga Iru Basho]

with this, when you participate in it song 
you can always create and expressing yourself as those member.
and that's what I felt while standing on stage.

and next are "Live Mast songs"
songs that loved by everyone,
Ookami, House, and 13th friday
since early day we keep continuing to sing it on every live

ah! on 1st and 2nd day,
we also did Giga performances ! Yoropikupiku~


Rebirth of  Nogidan and new song first performance,
Maaya is joining as keyboardist.
Nogidan is back again !

Asuka, Rotti, Kannarin and Maaya opening instruments and also our overture 
is using Prince-san [Purple Rain] song.
it was really cool ! and it made me goosebumps.

my throat was not in normal condition,
and I felt so sorry to band members.
next time please let me to revenge !

my personal highlight is
Yokubo no reincarnation performance.

since we get that song,
many people said "I'm looking forward to see the dances move"

so.... how was it ? ( ^ω^ )

we are proud because the song that has specification of each member is can fully performed.
everyone was so cool. I envy them~


Kimiboku, Wakaregiwa, Shitto, Futougou 
finally we could performed that songs in Birthday Live

the memory of each songs was really strong...
and it made me cry..
Once again, I could feel that it was an important year to me.

Kimiboku song costume is really cute,
but until now we rarely have chance to wear it.
But this time, I'm glad we could performed it while wearing the full set costume !

and next is Otona he chikamichi, 
another song that has special memory for me..
it's been a long time to could sing it again, I'm so happy ! ! San-eto love !

Our place is in the enthusiasm of everyone
I hope it could reach Akimoto sensei too...!

the last is scenery viewed from the stage when Hadashi de Summer performances.
thanks for the towel !

start from senbatsu announcement, single production, and performances in music show, 
we brought this song to nationwide tour, and ends at Jingu stadium
I feel that I have seen the peak of summer this year.

My summer was over. it was a perfect combustion.

on the past months,
various thing were happen

I got support from member,
I got support from staff-san, 
and I also received power from fans.

Nationwide tour all performances is safely over

especially on last jingu 3 days.
Honestly, Negative Nakamoto was thought that it was reckless, and impossible !

we can only grow if the hurdle is high right ?!
by finishing this summer live, I believe that it will give something in the future

in fact there are many words that I do and do not want to say,
but right now my voice is just can say an inaudible words.. lol

At time like this, the power of the letter is great right?

To everyone who involved in this tour,
really, thank you very much ! !

is it okay to put it here? giga-chan

after all, this blog is long. lol

during time when I couldn't update the blog,
there are a lot of announcements that I want to say,
but right now it's already long enough (the blog) I will post again soon !

Next Rajira Sunday 
the guest from Nogizaka member is decided! 
it's Itou Marika-chan and Inoue Sayuri-chan !

it's been a long time since this 3 person came after Christmas live .
It will be very fun !
I'm waiting for your e-mail (^o^)

you can submit your letter from here

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