Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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Weekend in Nagoya !

Seven Eleven Limited Mini Live event on Saturday,
and 15th single nationwide handshake event on Sunday !

Everyone who coming thank you very much ( ˇωˇ )

Seven Eleven Limited Mini Live,
though I've already said about it many times,
I really like the set list!

The last is in Kyoto !

Looking forward for it ( ˇωˇ )

Collaboration goods with My Melody-chan are so cute~
I want it too~♡

I was paired with Karin-chan in nationwide handshake meeting

Many people said "uwah~ NHK combi!"
ahh! that's right..

On the half time, Yuttan join our lane
and it became 3 person in one lane !

Since that I often disappeared on the middle session
and the line were changed frequently too,
I apologize for any inconvenience.

Because two of them are high tension girl.
I was also did my best o(^o^)o 
It was really fun ! Thank you very much !

Because  on the last handshake meeting I was not in my good physical condition
and made everyone worried too.
I'm glad this time I could show my healthy condition !

There were a lot of people who came for the first time,
a lot of new encounter,
it was happy day.

There also people who supporting me for a long time and came for the first time .
I'm glad we could talk face to face !

Of course I'm glad to see everyone cheerful face who came after a long time too (´。•ω•。`)

We talked about live impressions,
and various reports like "I heard it!" and "I watched it~"
Thank you very much !

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

last week guest was seiyuu artist Nakamura Eriko-san
and from Nogizaka was Etou Misa-chan (^o^)

Because of the program special formation
the broadcast time was become
20:05 ~ 21:00 and 22:30 ~ 23:00 (start from 21 ~ 22;30 they broadcast paralympic games between Japan vs Canada)

Everyone who heard it, thank you very much !

Because it was packed tightly in 30 minutes,
I was preoccupied in hurry.
And then I realized that it's already the ending.

But on the other side, 
Misa senpai was keep calm and do it like people who hit home run

As expected from Misa senpai. she is so calm and full of confidence.

Next time is full ! please come again !

NHK Smartphone application [Rajiru ★ Rajiru]
Broadcaster PR poster expansion  is complete !

I'm in charge of Hiroshima prefecture (^o^)
There are also  movie, radio comments, and etc
Please check it out

As Rajira assistant MC and as people who born in Hiroshima,
I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to appear on this PR !


It makes me feel better (^o^)
the genre is different but it has the same representation 
it was so amazing~

World Tour is ended, cheers for your good work !


9/30 Monthly Entame November Edition
9/30 BUBKA November Edition
10/31 BUBKA December Edition

9/23 Tokyo International Book Fair -  Talk Show 

11/9 16th Single

The typhoon is still continue
Everyone please be careful


Please forgive my grammar error or anything else.

Nakamoto sister yay! 

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