Monday, September 12, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation ー その667 160911

Carp Hiroshima win ! Congratulations ! ! !

I don't really know about the winning detail but,

as Hiroshima residents of course I'm really happy ! ! !

Carp girl's are popular,
And me who live in Tokyo now
has awakened by boom that occurring in Japan

When I was still living in Hiroshima
I can feel the love to the city and the local culture is really strong and deep rooted.

Like I always found  elementary school kids who wearing Carp hat.

Hiroshima Carp players are role models to all baseball boys in Hiroshima,

and it won't change for now too ( ˇωˇ )

I heard that Hiroshima city was in big excitement.

And the city must be in red ocean right !

Thank you for bringing the excitement ! !

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

The guest for next week is

Seiyuu Artist Nakamura Esato-san,

And from Nogizaka is Etou Misa-chan

This time mail themes are :

◯ Supporting messages for Misa senpai

◯ When night come with a full moon, Oriraji and Himetan become a Wolf-man and Wolf-woman.
What will they shouted out?

◯ Begging boys !

◯ Say it Sexily Returns

You can submit your mail from here

On this day, there also nationwide handshake at Nagoya right ( ˆωˆ )~♪

Rotti ! !

Thank you for your hardwork at Guitar Hero ! !

I'm sorry I couldn't come to the studio ( >_< )

Let's do another performances together with Nogidan member~ ☆

~ Announcements~


9/17 H♪LINE


9/30 BUBKA November Edition

10/31 BUBKA December Edition


9/18 乃木坂46の「の」

9/21 RadiPrism


9/23 Tokyo International Book Fair Talk Show



11/9 16th Single

On Hiroshima Home TV-san 「H♪LINE」

They will airing 1 week special of Carp victory \(^o^)/

Nakata Private School  ! !

I immediately sit and watch it ! !



  1. I am smitten with Himetan in a Carp jersey. Go Carp! Himetan beam!

    1. Thank you for your comment ☆
      Himetan Beaam 💕