Thursday, September 29, 2016

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There was individual handshake meeting on Sunday !
Everyone who coming thank you very much (^o^)

I wore white one piece dress which looks like blanket material 
and light pink set up~

many people said that I looks mature ( ˇωˇ )
is it because it's looks like a school uniform ?

Individual handshake meeting after a long time !
It was really fun !

though sometimes there were case like 
"it loops too fast I couldn't talk much"
or "I was too nervous and forgot what to say"... 

It's okay if you just come to meet me! 
I'm really happy (laugh)

Handshake meeting event will continue from now, 
I'm looking forward to seeing you again 

1部 Down winding
2部 side pony 
3部 Braid down winding
4部 Braid down winding one side
5部 Ponytail 

I managed to try various hairstyle !
it's becomes an unique point on every block

jya~ I wonder what kind of hair style which I will use for the next week

Got cut 
Who's finger is this ? (・∀・)    /Ashun ! right? /

Sunday Night it's time for Rajira Sunday ! 

The guest for next week are 3 seiyuu artist from Earphones,
and from Nogizaka is Ikoma Rina-chan 

Because on this day there is handshake meeting in Kyoto,
Oriraji-san will delivering from Tokyo as always,
then me and Ikoma-chan will delivering from Kyoto~

This time mail themes are ;

◯ Supporting messages for Ikoma-chan
◯ Henachoko na kimini....katsu (wth I don't understand)
◯ Rajira love story [ Midnight Phone Call - Birthday Edition]
◯ Quartet Interview 
◯ "Live MC Style ! Cheer Blast" Showdown 
*they referring to Ikoma opening in Summer live last year...maybe?)

you can submit your mail from here;

IkoHime !


9/30 Monthly Entame November Edition
9/30 BUBKA November Edition
10/6 Top Yell November Edition
10/31 BUBKA December Edition

11/9 16th Single

In Monthly Entame November Edition
Nishino, Shiraishi, Ikuta, Nakamoto are featured in.
We talked about looking back since Nogizaka formed 5 years ago

In BUBKA November edition 
Ikuta, Kitano, Nakamoto had talks about Slam Dunk 
It was very interesting. Hot.

Both of it will release on 30 September~

NOGIBINGO!6 BD&DVD BOX is on sale tomorrow (^o^)

And start from 11 October
NOGIBINGO!7 will start broadcasting~


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