Friday, September 2, 2016

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here we go ! !

Rajira Sunday is already entering 3rd quarter ,
last year I already write about it, but once again :

Rajira Sunday is part of NHK radio channel #1
It's a Live radio every sunday, start from 20:05 until 23:00

Our program has a commitment to stay fresh !

while broadcasting, staff-san are always check (@nhk_radirer) twitter

not only the staff, the guest on studio are check the twitter too,
so please use #nhkらじらー hashtag and enjoy the program together (^o^)

if you want to listen it from your smartphone,
you can download [Rajiru★Rajiru] application~

ah! about [Rajiru★Rajiru] ,
there is something that we want to tell to everyone ! ! 

until now, 
[Rajiru★Rajiru] is only delivered to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sendai region.

But started from 1st September 
it will also delivered to Sapporo, Hiroshima, Matsuyama, and Fukuoka region !

I hope that our presence will be more familiar than before \(^o^)/
Because Hiroshima is my hometown,
I also allowed to participate on PR movie and comment in radio~♪

Hiroshima~ \(^o^)/
on next Rajira Saturday,
there will be collaboration planning with Sapporo, Matsuyama, and Fukuoka radio program
and on Rajira Sunday, 
we will also do collaboration planning with Hiroshima station [KoiRaji]~*

I wonder what kind of planning that we will do~
I can't wait for it too ! (^o^)

so, once again....

Sunday night it's time to Rajira Sunday !

next week guest is Seiyuu Artist Shimono Hori-san,
and from Nogizaka is Itou Marika-chan, and Inoue Sayuri-chan !

this time mail themes are ;

◯  Supporting messages for Marika and Sayuri 
◯  talk about Hiroshima 
◯ "Let's break our shell !" Battle
◯ Hitori Nori Himetan
◯ Mousou Diary

because the guest is 2 person, 
maybe we can do "nonchalant girls talk" again... lol

we are waiting for your e-mail !
you can submit your mail from here ;

On this 3rd quarter, please take care of us too !

tomorrow is Seven Eleven Live !
the day after tomorrow is TGC !
and on sunday is Nationwide Handshake meeting !

On nationwide handshake meeting, I will be paired with Junna ! first time w/ Junna
I think a lot of new people will coming,
and a lot of people who haven't met in a long time will come too right?!

let's talk about live impressions, 15th single, and other various topic~ ( ˇωˇ )

please take care of me !

Junna Beam


9/10 H♪LINE

9/21 RadiPrism

9/23 Tokyo International Book Fair talk show

11/9 16th single

In smart-san magazine that currently on sale,
I appeared in [Helo me] serialization

it has my shoot and my photo when I was kid too o(^o^)o
I really like that page~ I always brought it with me

when I was facing the camera,
there almost no photo with smile / laugh like a child..
so we were in trouble when choosing the photos (lol)

please check it out~

Musashi Bento. If you in Hiroshima, please try it !

ah, by the way
did you watch Nogizaka Koujichuu ?



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