Friday, September 9, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation ー その666 160908


There was Seven Eleven Limited Mini Live on 2nd September,
and Tokyo Girls Collection on 3rd September

Everyone who coming,
thank you very much !

On Seven Eleven-san live,
we also put new song from 2nd album.
Personally, I really really like it~

On TGC, personally it was my first time to perform in fashion event live.
unusual environment and I learned a lot of things from it !

since then, 1 week has passed... 
no... so fast... scary

On 4th September there was Nationwide handshake meeting.

I have to apologize for any inconvenience to a lot of people, 
because I haven't recovered from the flu ( ´ ・ω・ ` )

Handshake meeting after a long time right!
Because there are no handshake meeting on summer, 
there were a lot of new people who came, and said "yoroshikune" and "let's be friend"

on that day was really hot, the waiting time was also long.
but everyone were willing to queue to meet us.
I wanted to say that I'm really happy and thank you very much to each person who came....

the opposite, everyone were worried about me
taking care of me, and it might became an uncomfortable feeling too.

I'm really sorry

there also many people who said that they can't come to individual handshake meeting,
and so that's why there were many people who missed nationwide handshake meeting too right.

next time, when we can meet again
I want to show you my healthy appearance ! 

Junna who was in the same lane with me, was also adjusting her pace with me...
she said "Hime are you okay ?" and then taking care of me
what a nice kid....

Junna, Thank you for taking care of me!

2 years younger than me. But I can't see the difference

Sunday night it's time to Rajira Sunday !

last week, the guest was seiyuu artist Shimono Hiro-san,
and from Nogizaka46 were Itou Marika-chan and Inoue Sayuri-chan !

There was collaboration with NHK Hiroshima [Koi Raji] too~*

Rajira after a long time !
though I wanted to appear in my best condition.... ( ;  ; )

Since Rajira started,
somehow my throat condition was not become worse,
and I little bit proud of it......

But, to be in this studio again after a long time,
once again I think that this place is a place where you can feel relax

and because Marika and Sayuri-chan came too,
we were talking in high tension o(^o^)o
thank you~ please come again~


9/30 BUBKA November edition
10/31 BUBKA December edition

9/10 H♪LINE
10/11~ NOGIBINGO!7

9/18 乃木坂46の「の」
9/21 RadiPrism

9/23 Tokyo International Book Fair Talk Show

11/9 16th single

will start on October ! Can't wait !

and then,
BUBKA-san thank you very much !
Nakamoto is included in 2 months edition in a row ! \(^o^)/

Gu~~ (rock)

Pa~~! (Paper)

When rehearsal in Jingu, 
I was playing alone and camera-san was catch me

To match with my movement,
the camera was coming closer and then pull back again....

Do you understand this story ?


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