Saturday, September 17, 2016

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Arts in autumn ! !

Read books, watched DVDs, and watched movie

For 20 years of my life, this is the year where I spent the most of time for arts in the autumn

Before sleeps I turned off my smartphone and tv.
Then changed it with reading books or comics.

Somehow it makes me slept soundly ( ˇωˇ )

But you know,

if you get  too deep into that world,
It will also appear in your dream...

like after I read mystery book,
I saw a scary dream.

And after I read book about sad story,
somehow I saw a sad dream too

what a kid !

Good luck hatachi ! (Hatachi is her. Hime 20 y.o)

 There is Book Fair on next week right!

Some days ago, I watched theater stage version of [Kochikame] !

It's so powerful and energetic !

It makes everyone who watched it become happy !

The power of the original work
and the power of the performers..

I was overwhelmed by their performances ! !

Saki-chan was really great (´,,•ω•,,`)

She is referred as key person,
a girl with magical atmosphere.

When she appeared, the atmosphere in the stage is changed.

It was really great...... !

She singing !

She dancing !

She sparkling !

Ikoma-chan, and performers-san,

I will supporting you until the end !

Thank you very much !

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

The guest on this week is seiyuu artist Nakamura Eriko-san,
And from Nogizaka is Etou Misa-chan.

usual message, request song, and other corner

we are still waiting for your mail~(^o^)

For smartphone user,
Start from 1 september
You can download Rajiru ★Rajiru application

The broadcaster is aired in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai.
And in addition

Sapporo, Hiroshima, Matsuyama and Fukuoka are added
so it become 8 region now !

Because we get selected as a favourite,
Please check it out !

You can submit your mail from here

There is Seven Eleven live on saturday,

And Nationwide handshake meeting on sunday

Both of it is placed in Nagoya venue !

Everyone who will come,
Please look forward for it (^o^)~♪

In nationwide handshake meeting, I get paired with Karin-chan ♡

We will waiting on 13th lane !

On sunday

There are Nogi no no, Rajira and Nogizaka Koujichuu !

And Hime is appear on all of it !

~ Announcements~


9/17 H♪LINE


9/30 Monthly Entame November edition

9/30 BUBKA November Edition

10/31 BUBKA December edition


9/18 乃木坂46の「の」

9/21 RadiPrism


9/23 Tokyo International Book Fair Talk Show



11/9 16th single

Recently I didn't post many photo,
I will do off-shot festival now !

Kitano, Terada, Nakamoto
Three sisters of 'no good' detective who freaked of kitten.

Page which recommending white sneaker

It can't be seen on the photo but it's cute !

Autumn~ ~ ~

Nakada and Nakamoto~
Autumn last year


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