Monday, February 15, 2016

Nakada Kana (Kanarin) Blog translation 160213

There's a story between two people~kana? 1198

yaa~i (¨)ノ

14th single new uniform~

 the uniform was not photographed well tho~   *pict above*

there are two colors, gray and navy.

For adult (otona) is gray,
and for kiddo is navy. 

as usual,

the uniforms are divided by
the average of senbatsu and under, 

Nakada is in adult (otona) team with gray color~

but I think the 94' line on senbatsu are wearing the kiddo color (navy).

to keep have opportunities to meet increasing, 

this time tabepero~ (pero-food~) is,

From ROZILLA san『奏』/ [Sou] 

It's from Koyama Chef shop's~

I'm only taking photo the package..
I'm sorry....

the based look is chic, 
but it's so delicious, and good for present 

Chocolate cake~~!

the texture is so fluffy and 
the tastes is taste that everyone must be like it.

also, it's easy to handed out because they are individually packaged.

On next blog I will also introducing another chocolate family 

kana  ̄(=∵=) ̄

ps: otona (adult) line is 20 years, but there are many otona on senbatsu, 
so thats why I think (Kana think) that many 94 line will wearing kodomo color.

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