Friday, February 19, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160218


We will deliver,
[Nogizaka46 4th Anniversary, Nogizaka46 46 hours TV] !!

On 46 hours, there will be plenty of fun event !
Also Rajira Sunday will do collaboration with Labo too!

Urgent !

There will also segment by Nakamoto Himeka who don't have any hobby.
I'm looking for new hobby... so, because of that,
I would be very happy if you could think and recommend it to me( ;  ; )

For more information, you can click here;

Let's celebrate Nogizaka-chan 4th Birthday together~~! 

There is a story behind
the photo that I posted above.

when I took the photo, manager-san who had next to me said;
[himetan, smile ! smile !]
arara~ again I did it unconsciously. it's scary. (on last blog she said that she is bad at smiling pose)

Chiichan~~ Happy Birthday ♡
I hope chu-san-gumi could do something together again~~
but before that, let's do sleepover together !

Sunday night is time for Rajira Sunday!

eh,, hmmm....
There is 46 hours tv, but....
you must listen to Rajira on sunday night!! 

The guest is Itou Marika-chan from Nogizaka,
and of course Marika will be in there too, 
so please take care of us ~!

Himetan quiz! with Raw photo as the present!
it will be the 2nd time \(^o^)/

message for Marika,
also regular corner too,
we are waiting for your email! 
you can submit in here ; 


(a song. by Radio Fish - boy band maybe?, with Oriental Radio a.k Oriraji in it)

ah, by the way. on latest blog
there are a lot of comment from everyone who gave me 
opinion about hairstyle that suit me the best. (^o^)

there are many people who wrote;
 I like [the hair when in Tonari no eki no misa senpai] !

straight right?
but I did ponytail and side pony a lot too~
I'm in the mood to try various of hairstyle now! thank you very much!

Friday is time for Sony Record delivery update ♪
The guest for this month is K-san,
and this month narrating duty job is Terada Ranze-chan a.k Puruten~! *(her Sony Record name)

on last week episode,
we were talking about K-san new single [Ano Kumo no Mukou-gawa]
there also talks about MV making,
and studio live performance too !! *(recommended to watch!)

it deliver the unusual K-chan as our official oniichan!
it was Artist K-san! (^o^)

you can submit the channel in here;

 this month duty job~ puruten~

2/24 Samurai ELO
I'm allowed to do serialized
of  Nogizaka-chan [Walk with beauty] 
there will also my favorite situation in it~ 

2/29 BUBKA
as requested on BUBKA-san 755 account, 
Wada and Nakamoto will do coverage as Hiroshima combination ( ˆωˆ )
we were talking about our hometown, under live and others.

new Information~~

I'm casting on
NHK E-tele [Otonahenoberu]
and it will on air on 3rd March !! 

because I have a role as an high school girls.
I was using twin tail after a long time~

I don't have many experience in acting,
but I did it while had fun~! (´,,•ω•,,`)
and I do narration too! don't forget to watch it!

other than that, recently I've been allowed 
to do works in various fields
it was such a fulfilling day!

there are three more (news)~*
and I want to quickly inform you~

ah! I've heard that
all my blocks on 14th single handshake meetings are sold out.

just to have 30 blocks is like a dream to me...
uwaaaaaaaa~~!! is something happened~?!!
I'm really happy( ;  ; )

to received cheering from a lot of people,
and always thinking about me, are enough for me..

It's because of warm support from everyone,
on 14th single I will do my best to bear it all!
please have a look on me!

once again, thank you..
for always supporting the clumsy me,
really thank you very much.

I thought there are many fans
that looking at me with moyamoya face (kind of angry or don't like  or smth)
but they are still believing in me, and keep pushing my back.
I really love fans like that

I still have a lot of weakness,
but I will do my best while having fun, 
so I wish I could give you back something, even just a little~

my pace might slow, 
while crying and laughing at various things.
But to chase the dream together w/ everyone is make me happy.

from now on too, please take care of me !


ps: Ya know.
Since the senbatsu announcement tragedy, hime often post blog or send mobame with "important" and "fun" words. Like; important shooting, And also fun filled day with works.
I'm so grateful for it. And for her too.. Aahhhh.... ( ;w; )

I really recommended you to subscribe himetan mobame. \0/

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