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Nakamoto Himeka & Terada Ranze Unpublished Talk Version On Entame Next translation

[Our Secret]

On Monthly Entame February, Nakamoto Himeka & Terada Ranze told us about the most dominating under in 2015. Since their love love relationship starting to get closed on 2015 couldn't get published conveniently, we will deliver the unpublished version on this Entame next special edition !
Nakamoto Himeka (left)
Born on 4 April 1996 / Blood type O/ 158 cm

Terada Ranze (right)
Born on 23 September 1998 / Blood type unknown (plz) / 155cm

  • Nakamoto-san and Terada-san are already known to have good relationship, can you both introduce us about each other nice thing ?
Ranze : My first impression about Nakamoto-san is a [hard worker]. I could felt it when I saw her preparing for One person MC at Under Live 2nd season.  It's all because of Nakamoto-san support, to saw her as Under Center is really made me happy.  I also thought that I want to be a hard worker and strict to myself too

Nakamoto : I do think that I have similarities with Ranze...  eh? ..... it's different .. >< I'm sorry. (laugh)
She is very clumsy, but she is really straight to her goal. Also, in behind this cute face she often said negative things. I want her to have more confidence in herself, but I like Ranze like this~

  • it seems that you both have masochistic side too right~?
Nakamoto : Well..... you are right (laugh). Indeed both of us have shown that side ahahaha~

Ranze : Next please let mutually compliment about each other. (laugh)

  • How about performances ? 
Nakamoto : For me, I would dance to my mood, so I often don't match with my surrounding. When I shook my head, I could see Ranze flexible and stylish dance. I often thought [it's really match with the song]. I also like Ranze singing voices.

Ranze : at first we could see Nakamoto-san image with twin tail and cute voice, but surprisingly she has husky voice. Because of that "gasagasa" voice everyone became [eh?] (laugh). 
When the first time I saw Nakamoto-san performance, I thought that was really greats! 
Since I often get said that I have small joint movement, I learn that [it's better if you move your joint like this way] from Nakamoto-san dance as my referring.

  • did you two become close since 5 people unit [Cinq etoile] from Under formed?
Nakamoto : no.. it's already before that right?

Ranze : it's started when Under Live 3rd season, when I saw Nakamoto-san got depressed.

Nakamoto : ah! that's right. That was the time when I cry because of various thing happen. 
at that time I've got contact from three person. And one of them is from Ranze. She send a very long mail. It's so encouraged me.

Ranze : iya~ iya~~ I'm really pleased that Nakamoto-san is become the center.  I thought that [to have so amazing talent like that, why she like to urge herself like that. I wouldn't want to keep sinking like that].  At that time we were rarely talking, and I think that I might be hated too. Then I sent the mail with [regret that I can't said it there.]

Nakamoto : To learn that there's such a hot one side, it makes me really like her. There was also various thing happen when Jingu Live on 8/31.

Ranze : when 13th single senbatsu member performed [Ima, Hanashitai Dareka ga iru], 
we both were crying on stage wings

Nakamoto : And I was shocked that we have prospect part on 13th single. That was momentum time for Ranze.

Ranze :  We were on the stage too, but to saw member who are shining on stage is make me thing [who was me before? we are the same Nogizaka46 right? ]

Nakamoto : in 13th single under we share the same feelings, also my position is next to Ranze. In unit too, our position is next to each other. I felt relieved

  • Nakamoto-san posting about Ranze-san on mobame and blog a lot right?
Nakamoto : yes! I post a lot about Ranze. (laugh)

Ranze : I rarely posting interaction with member on blog or mobame,  and it makes fans worried. (laugh). I'm really grateful to Nakamoto-san.

Nakamoto : When handshake meeting a lot of people came and say [thank you for always support Ranze-chan], Hime fans too said [I've just came to Ranze lane~!] (laugh)

  • have you go eat together?
Nakamoto : At 1st time We went together to dark coffee shop in the basement. It was calm. And I thought that it place was appropriate for us, but fans told us that they want to see us to go to cuter place.

Ranze : and the 2nd time we went to Chocolate Pizza store in Harajuku.

Nakamoto : maa~ it's not fit with the pattern. (laugh)

  • Do you post the photo on blog?
Nakamoto : no, but I wrote [I went to eat together with Ranze~]

  • Next time please eat sweet and cute food~! (laugh)
Nakamoto : Ahahaha! you are right !

Ranze : isn't that nice? (laugh)

source : エンタメネクスト

my first interview (talk) translation.
please pardon my bad grammar :bow: :kiss:

Now we know why Ranze keep using twin tail when perform.
Also lately Ranze is copying hime double wink when perform.
Nice senpai kouhai relationship. :love:
more Cinq etoile song please.
more event too.
more love too.

Don't forget to watch Sony Record~! 
Ranze will appear as this month duty report.

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