Monday, October 24, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 161023


16th single 「サヨナラの意味 / Sayonara no Imi 」
MV has been published !

You can watch it from Nogizaka46 official youtube channel.

The full version of the mv might have a limited time,
so please watch it asap ( ˇωˇ )

There was individual handshake meeting today.

Everyone who coming,
Thank you very much !

It was a really fun day~

Many people tell their impressions about Sayonara no Imi song and mv,

I also got many support for 16th single period !

From now I think there will be a lot of chances to perform it,

So please wait for it !

Let's cherish every moment we sing it~

As already talked in previous Rajira,

I wore clothes that coordinated by Ikoma sensei on 1st and 2nd block !

I received many praise (´,,•ω•,,`)
Thank you Ikoma sensei !

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

On 16th October the guest was seiyuu artist Shimoji Shino-san,
And from nogizaka was Nishino Nanase-chan !

It was Nanase first appearance,
We got hyped when we talked about Jojo (Naachan favourit manga)~

[Na~nase] call were immediately being used in today handshake meeting (´,,•ω•,,`)

I heard from many person and member too that those qlue from Rajira is used as conversation starter in today handshake meeting.

And it's really made me happy ♡♡

Naachan please come again !

And for next week guests from Nogizaka are Hori Miona-chan, Kitano Hinako-chan, Nakada Kana-chan and Terada Ranze-chan !

It's Cinq Étoille again o(^o^)o

16th single coupling song

「君に贈る花がない / Kimi ni Okuru Hana ga nai / No Flower Sent to You」

Will also aired for the first time !

When I heard my own part, I think that it wasn't changed from 1 year ago,
But after all it kinda changed a bit........

Wait, I shouldn't talk more than this...
Let's listen to it together.

For mail themes you can check the banner that appear on the website,

so please check it here

I watched
Stage play [Graveyard, High School Girls]

I'm glad I made it on time ! (She watched it just before the final day)

When I finally could met Marika after a long time today,
I talked about the stage play endlessly,

And then she said ;
[ So you really watched it huh? I'm surprised.
Because you didn't said anything when greetings on the dressings room.......]

LoL ! I didn't fall asleep ! ! ! !

Many people say that I'm a dry person and yes it's true....

But I laughed a lot,
And even going to cry on the middle part..

Maybe it's not the correct answer, but the last scene made me think about a lot of things.

With total 16 performances,
Members and all performers,
Cheer for your hardworks.

~ Announcements ~


10/31 BUBKA December Edition


10/24 Shibuya Note Public Recording
10/28 Ni-tele HALLOWEEN LIVE


11/7~11/11 ZOOM UP!


11/9 16th Single「サヨナラの意味 / Sayonara no Imi」


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