Monday, April 18, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160415



it seems that she imitated me..

NOGIBINGO!6 is started
I won the Assistant MC planning project !

waaaiii \(^o^)/
since the beginning, there's a lot of thing happens,
and the result is 'all right' \(^o^)/ I'm so happy~

and start from next week,
I'm allowed to proceed the show together with Ijiri-san  !

On Saturday and Sunday,
there will be Handshake Meetings on Makuhari Messe !

On Nationwide Handshake Meetings,
I will be paired with Maaya !
Hiroshima lane ( ˇωˇ )
we are waiting on 14 lane 

Maaya fans,
if it's okay, please get along with Himetan too~

I will participating in 5 block Individual Handshake Meetings ( ˆωˆ )
waa--ii ! On the day before, I will sleep tightly..
so we can do interaction until the end

I will be in 17 Lane~

Everyone who will come for the first time.
and those who will come after a long time,
I'm looking forward to meet you ♡

Sunday night, is time for Rajira Sunday !
After the handshake meetings ended,
I will go straight to Shibuya from Makuhari with Misa senpai~~

After the handshake meetings ended please listen to it !
The guest from seiyuu artist is 
Minase Inori-san ( ˇωˇ )

This time mail themes are ;

◯ Supporting messages for Misa senpai
◯ Please say it in sexy voice ! round2
◯ RAP Happy Birthday
◯ Orihime talk session
◯ PERFECT HUMAN delusion

hmmm another sexy planning,
I won't win against Misa senpai. (laugh)
but I will do my best ( ˆωˆ )/

regular corner, 
request song and other corner too,
We are waiting for your mail~

you can submit it from here;
on the last diary (blog)
I received a lot of congratulations
thank you very much (´;ω;`)

when the day changed,
I received a lot of contact from local friends (Hiroshima) and Tokyo,
when works over,
everyone on the location were celebrating me.

it was really a happy day~~

this year will be fulfilling year,
I think about that every year, 
but on this year I will also repaint !

from now on too please take care of me ♡

this was about one year ago (´,,•ω•,,`)

~ announcement ~

4/15 EX-Taishu
4/22 BRODY
4/23 UTB
4/23 B.L.T.
4/26 Young Champion
4/27 Radio Program 2016 Guide
4/30 Monthly Entame
5/5 Excavation ! Treasure Galleria (NHK)
5/8 BOMB

4/16 Happy Info (menkoi TV)
4/18 まるごと歌謡曲(RAB青森放送) Marugoto KayoKyoku (RAB Aomori Broadcast)
4/18 Posh !! ( FM Iwate)

In B.L.T. -san I was doing a Solo Gravure
On last year, many member were appeared on this right?
To did it solo it was my first time 

the shooting day was closed to my birthday,
and it was my last teen gravure shooting ( ˆωˆ )

In Young Champion-san,
It has my first single cover ! 
on my last teen..
"it will be nice if it come true on this year" ~  actually it was my secret desire

and somehow it come true early (´;ω;`)
it will lined up in bookstores and convenience stores,
I look forward for it, Can't wait for it ! It can't be helped !

Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016

everyone who lived in Kyushu, are you alright ?
many people were informed me on the comment,
I have heard the real voices.

because it's faraway,
I couldn't immediately become your strength,
and there's also frustrating feelings

from Tokyo I want to transmitting something to everyone, 
so even a little I want to be your strength

I wonder when will Under Live in Kumamoto and also in Kysuhu.
at that time, we want to delivered smile to everyone


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