Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nakamoto HImeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160405


Ikuchan was come to play in my home ♡

two of us were just keep rolling on the bed 
and then we ate ice cream that Ikuchan recommended together~~

In this world,
she become the fastest person who celebrate my birthday.

Just look at this ! !

that cooking monster Ikuchan is.....!

she must be keep practicing to made this right?
what a beautiful Tamagoyaki (fried eggs).  
Rather than birthday cake, she made me a Tamagoyaki..
too innovative (´;ω;`) I'm so happy~

we were deliciously ate it together~
Thank you so much Ikuchan♡

I took some photo of Ikuchan while cooking in the kitchen,
but it's embarrassing to published up my kitchen..
so I will just keep it in my memory folder~ (laugh)

I have new announcement !

I was interviewed for a magazine !
It will on sale on 4/27 it's a [Radio Program Guide] magz
hyaa~~I'm so happy

The truth is, I have read it with pleasure !
'Read it with pleasure' meant is because, 
 it have a lot radio station time table in there.

I really like to look at that.
and it also one of the few of my answer in
[what are you usually do in your house?] question

to interviewed on this magazine !
is it a dream ?! Thank you very much !

I talk a lot about Radio !
Nogizaka-chan radio program too,
start from this spring are increased right?
I think it will be really fun !

please check it out ~

Sunday night, It's time for Rajira Sunday !
on last week, the guest was Seiyuu artist Chihara Minori-san
and from Nogizaka46 was Hori Miona-chan♪

I could do title call since 9 pm!
I'm really really happy o(^o^)o

on two last week, Nanamin gave me advice to wear Black parka.
and then I was wear it last week

as expected from nanamin.....!
On next handshake meeting, maybe I will wear it too~

Last week Rajira was Mio-chan three times,
but it's the first time to came alone. (previously was together with Cinq etoille)

become a new year,
and member who could come is increasing..
*(high school member can't come because it's live broadcast until 11 pm. But if they come, like ranze or miona before, they usually do bye bye at 10 pm)
I'm so happy ( ˆωˆ ) I want a lot of member to come !

even the high school students members too,
because my turn is start from 9 pm now, and it's getting longer..
so, I want them to come too !

Manatsu, Nanamin, and SKE48 Noguchi Yume-san,
thanks for your e-mail~

when shooting for Gravure the Television !

It's been a long time since my last taken for solo gravure.
It also have long interview in it.
Totally it's 9 Point from me!

they said, the clothes is will be clothes that usually Himetan wear.
but when the shooting day, I got really surprised.

"is this my own clothes ? or just costume? which one ?" like that


4/5 BOMBER-E (め~テレ)
4/6 Top Yell
4/10 Marquee
4/12 BOMBER-E (め~テレ)
4/15 EX-Taishu
4/22 BRODY
4/23 UTB
4/27 Radio Program Guide

My bangs・Antennae Revolution!!

understand ?
well, you aren't understand right..
But it's different right ! ! Revolution ! !


ps: What with this married coupleeee...... ughhhhh //o//
so sweet~~~
started from april fool day, Iku sent a tsundere [I love you] mail to Hime......
and maybe she ask [can I come and play later]......
what a surprise 

and btw, that was the first time for Iku to come to Hime house 

- hime w/ antennae 

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