Friday, April 29, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translations 160428


◯ Weekly Young Champion

On this week Young Champion,
I've been allowed to taken as cover and intro gravure !

First solo cover~*
Himetan dream has come true (´,,•ω•,,`)

everyone~ please check it out,
it also comes with poster and clear file !

◯ Radio Program Guide 2016 Magazine

this also make me happy( ;  ; )
this book is my favorite book !

we were talk about radio,
and took some photos in Rajira studio

also, Nogizaka-chan radio program are increasing on this year, 
so this book is really useful yo~
please check it out !

I could report this 2 happy information,
Nakamoto is so happy( ;  ; )

on this April,
I wonder did something happen..,
because I've allowed to taken in many magazines.

I'm so grateful, so grateful( ;  ; )

I still have a lot off shots from various magazine,
and I will post it when I have mood to do it~~

Mind while writing is directed. a moody person. ( <---- )

Tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow
is handshake meeting in Nagoya !

People who coming,
I'm looking forward to meet you ( ˆωˆ )

In Nationwide Handshake meeting on Friday,
I get paired with Rotti ♡

Rotti fans, 
please be friendly with himetan too~
and Himetan fans, I will be waiting for you !

my Individual Handshake Meetings is up to 5 Block !
I hope we can talk about many things~
I look forward for it

since entering the new year, 
I feels like I often came to Nagoya,
feels like in one month or more o(^o^)o

Sunday Night is time for Rajira Sunday !
the guest from seiyuu artist is Mimori Suzuko-san
and from Nogizaka46 is Hoshino Minami-chan !

this time e-mail theme are ;

◯ Messages for Minami-chan
◯ My number one sister showdown 
◯ Orihime talk session
◯ Hitorinori himetan

we are waiting for your mail ( ˇωˇ )

you can submit your  mail from here;

we also looking at twitter during the broadcast !
so please tweeting with #nhkらじらー 

 ~ announcement ~ 

4/30  Monthly Entame
5/5   Excavation ! Treasure Galeria 
5/8   BOMB

NogiKoi delivery is started right~

is everyone already playing it?
please tell me your impressions about it (´,,•ω•,,`)

It also have different story for each member !
so, please taking care of Himetan too (´,,•ω•,,`)

2nd Album [Sorezore no Isu]
Jacket picture has been published~
also 3rd Birthday LIVE DVD is going to released 

I watched NOGIBINGO!6
I also have partcipated on 3rd episode of NOGIROOM
please watched it on HULU

Chiichan I love youuu ♡


bonus ~!
Chiichan love letter to Hime on NOGIROOM! ;

Dear Mee-chan.
Mee-chan is cute, smart, good in singing and dancing, also good in talking.
Both beautiful and intelligent, and I think that Mee-chan is really greats

But, isn’t you tuck everything alone right? And it sometimes make me worried

Mee-chan can do everything , and everyone often relied to you, and maybe we are already burdening you a lot.

When Under Live in Budoukan, and also in Nagoya, Mee-chan was almost in every turn of the MC.
We that had just finished think, didn’t she feels tired ?

Just before the live started, Mee-chan was always made a gloomy face,   it made us worried and following with
 “Mee-chan is kid who can do everything, so it’s okay !” right?

Before it’s all getting painful,  even just  with talking, I want Mee-chan to feel alright again, no matter how many hours passed, I will listen to you.

Mee-chan who doing her best figure , who always do everything with full power and not daunted, and also firm to yourself, is really cool ! And I really like it !

On new year holiday, Mee-chan, Ikuchan, and me, three of us  were went to USJ right ?!
It was really fun !!

Next time how about  we go to hot springs~~!

We are soon to be 20 years old, and also want to make a lot of memory
On this year, I hope chusangumi  can do something as unit!

From now on please take care of me,

From Chiharu.

Nanase   : How is it?
Hime      : I’m so happy..
Un, I remember they said that on stage.
Hmm, me before the live start is always have a lot of things in mind, so my expression is getting
Darker because of it, and everyone around me too aware of it. Chiichan too said about it to me.
Usually, we are not really talking about it.. but the fact that she keep thinking about me it’s really make me happy.
I know about it, but I’m not a person who really talks about my worries...

Kaz   :      member are always saying to Himetan ; ‘Himetan do not work too hard’
‘HImetan is something bothering  you?’ because member are care about  himetan,
And it made me thinks, Himetan that loved by everyone is  greats.. and I think that is Himetan natural virtue.

Another Bonus ! :

More Bonus ! :

okay bye~~

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