Monday, April 11, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160410

Marquee is on sale now,
I've been allowed to do solo gravure and had long interview~

Off-shot o(^o^)o *(photo above)

the interview is long ! long !

Sunday night is time for Rajira Sunday !

Next week guest is Seiyuu artist Minase Inori-san,
and from Nogizaka is Eto Misa-chan !

Mail themes are ;
◯ Messages for Misa senpai
◯ RAPでHappy Birthday
◯ OriHime (Oriental Radio and Hime) Talk Session 

it will broadcast after handshake events !
please look forward for it ~

you can submit the letter from here;

eh, next..what is it....
Under Live Nationwide Tour Tohoku Series is starting soon.

On this nationwide tour, I think it will be many people who come for the first time.
To said something like this..
we will do our best to showing something that completely different from under live before.

what is it again.... something that I felt 2 years ago...
something called anxiety,
I can feel it again now after a long time.

unchanged things that shouldn't be, 
unchanged things that I want to keep continue..

while thinking about a lot of things,
we will have 6 performances. (in Tohoku series)

I want everyone to enjoy it ( ˇωˇ )

by the way,
soon it will be 2 years since Under Live started right? 
(it started after Kidzuitara Kataomoi handshake meetings - april 2014. On Hime bday if I'm not wrong) 
I've been allowed to learn a lot of things from this stage.
And I'm glad that we have live that loved by everyone.

the stages,  the member formation,
and the desired things too.
It completely different from 2 years ago. 

the 2nd year than the 1st year, the 3rd year than the 2nd year..
we will keep growing !


4/15 EX-Taishu
4/22 BRODY
4/23 UTB
4/27 Radio Program Guide (Magazine)
4/30 Monthly Entame
5/5 Excavation ! Treasure Galleria - NHK 
5/8 BOMB

4/12 BOMBER-E (め~テレ)
4/16 8見!(めんこいテレビ)
4/18 まるごと歌謡曲(RAB青森放送)
4/18 Posh!!(エフエム岩手)

In Monthly Entame-san,
Kitano. Higuchi. and Nakamoto had interview
and in BOMB-san, Kitano. Terada. and Nakamoto had gravure.

I can tell various announcement to everyone, 
I'm so happy o(^o^)o

Once the sale date is closer,
I will talk about the detail later

Handshake meeting next week.

it's been a long time right~~!

and in the fact, 
it will be my first 5 block individual handshake meetings
I'm so nervous (´。•ω•。`)

Everyone who coming, yoroshikune 

hairstyle that I often use lately.


ps: seems that lately she has been worried about something....

and after Rarin grad, maybe she think that she has big responsibility to under.....
majime hime is majime..

Let's ポジティブ !

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