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Himepedia ! Let's know more about Nakamoto Himeka !

She was born on 13th April 1996,
and Today is her 20th birthday !!
Happy Birthday Himetan ! ! !

On this post, I want everyone to know more about a girl named Nakamoto Himeka !!!

She was born in Hiroshima, in Nakamoto-ken family「中元」and her given name is 「日芽香」.

That name was given by her mother.
On the day hime born, when her mother opened the window of the hospital room.
She saw the sun 「日」is shinning brightly, followed with the sprouts bud「 芽」 and flower which has good smell 「香」

Born as middle daughter, she has one sister and one little sister.

When in elementary school, she went to Calligraphy, Dance, Basketball, and Piano lessons with her sister.

During her 4th grade elementary school she went to an audition at Actor School Hiroshima with her sister. But only her sister accepted and she failed the test. (Her little sist is Nakamoto Suzuka - BABYMETAL)
Not wanting to lost against her sister, she re-auditioned again next year, and she passed it without any problem.

She also went to modelling, and TV presenter lessons.
During her 3rd Junior High School, her dreams was to enter university and become tv presenter.

But, at that time she entered Nogizaka46 audition and passed.

Usually it must be her mother who recommended to enter an audition, but when she entered Nogizaka46 audition, it was her own will.

Her dream in future is to have her own Ribbon Shop. She also want to become seiyuu (voice artist).

Joining Nogizaka46 in her 3rd grade JHS, together with Ikutadon (Ikuta Erika) and Chiichan (Saitou Chiharu) they create a gumi (group) called 中三組 (Chuusangumi).
The group was created with a purpose to not forgotten their youth.

Before she live in Tokyo, she went from Hiroshima with Maaya (Wada Maaya) and Naachan (Nishino Nanase) to Tokyo together to weekly lesson or Nogizaka46 works. They usually took night bus.
On way to Tokyo they spend the times with sleeping, listen to music, and study.
On Saturday night they usually had sleepover together.

She likes; Sweets (Okashi), Omurice, Okonomiyaki, Jackie Chan, Praised, drink protein, Listening to Radio, Singing, Dancing, and Talking.

She dislike; Pi-man (Green peppers), fish and shellfish food, sour things, mathematics, science, running, ghost stories, stairs, snake toys, tako in takoyaki and went to toilet alone.

Also she likes Perfume, AKB, momokuro, and GReeeeN
She likes anime too, but she kinda hide it and post it in her mobame only.

Her complex is; everything that she do is not interesting.
Not yet have interesting hobby.
Don't have any motivation to cooking.
still weak at improvisation.

Her original character is named : Toririinu-san

Her ability : Himetan Beam, it could strike until 122 Meters. *Based from center to home range line in Mazda Baseball Stadium (Hiroshima).
Kawaii phrase, kawaii voices, Fast speak talking (hayakuchikotoba), dancing, singing.

She also good in sports! Not pro, but good! like in Basket, Bowling, and Golf.

Her fans named : Himekyun

Her penlight color is Pink x Pink

After 2 years joining Nogizaka46, she finally selected as senbatsu on 7th Single for the first time (and the last time. until now. tho.)

Generally she close with everyone, but not reallllly close.... just some member who're really close..

there "must be" something between Hime and Ikuchan relationship.

She close with Ashurin (Kakusha Shakai combi)

with Inoue Sayuri, and Itou Marika they called as Onsen Trio or Christmas Trio.

with 2nd gen she also close with Ranze and Kiichan (Kitano Hinako)

Her tension is kinda weird... when other get hyped up she just keep calm, or dry, or keeping some space with them... and vice versa! when she hyped up people around her are usually keep silent. lol

She is known for her adult-like thinking
When she has stress she will sleep late, and mostly can't sleep... but she is one of the fastest member to wake up in the member.
She has habits to wake up 5 minutes or 1 minutes early before her alarm rang.

On 2014, Nogidan was born with her became the double vocal together with Noujou Ami.
Thanks to Nogiten, she went to Paris with Maichun, Hinapyon, and Nene-chan for reporting Senbatsu member who have performances in there.

On January 2015
She acted as center for Under Girl for the first time, it was when 11th single.

April 2015  she become assistant on NHK Radio, Rajira Sunday together with Oriental Radio-san.

30 April, Nogidan perform in Taiwan. Their first and last kaigai.

Her first stage play is Joshiraku (May 2015), she had role as Tetora.

Following her nice handshake sales, she became front member in UG in 12th single coupling,
and became double center w/ Miona for UG in 13th single coupling.

On 5th October 2015, unit Cinq etoille formed. Together with Miona, Kiichan, Kannarin, and Ranze, Hime acted as their leader. They have their own song in 13th single coupling type B titled Otona he no chikamichi.

*forgot about this (edited on 04/21)
Start from November 2015 Hime and Noujo Ami become Sony Record MC, replacing Kaz and Maisama whom graduate from that program on October.

With Miona become senbatsu for 14th single, Hime become UG center again for the 3rd time.

20 March 2016, on Nagashima Seira graduation concert, Nogidan did their last performance before get disbanded.

On April 2016, she got new contract for another 1 year in Rajira Sunday !

Because of Ikuchan neta in Rajira, and got confirmed by real person on Nogibingo6 ep 01,
Himetan get new character now;
Protein Nakamoto \0/


And recently, she also become Assistant MC in Nogibingo6 that just started last night.!!
Omedetou Himetan !!

Hoping good things and new things keep coming to you..
Wishing You Have a Great Year Ahead !
Happy Birthday Nakamoto Himeka !
Love you !!

Too bad I can't come to her seitansai on 17th April,
someone please tell her that I REALLY LOVE HER \\ 0 //

And once again, Congratulations~!!

Source for this post are from Magazine, Blog, Mobame, TV program, Radio and others!
I hate lying, so I can tell 99% info from this post are true / real !
you can ask in the comment for the detail / source if you want!

and if you know other else about her, or something wrong on this post,
please do not hesitate to write it in the comment below !

my grammar is pretty sucks. so please excuse me. :bow:


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