Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160425


Under Live Tohoku Series
6 performances is successfully ended!

If only I could get Aomori sticker, it will be nice to photo it all together ( ˆωˆ )
(also there's no group photo with Aomori sticker tho, check Yuttan blog)

This time Under Live has
performed in 6 different venue (location)

so that's why, 
I could stand on the stage with new feelings of awaiting further. 
I learned a lot of things from this 6 performances

"We will do Nationwide tour" ,
we heard it for the first time on December last year,
it's really a long project

of course Nagoya Performances is counted too.
I wonder if it will continue in the future,
or maybe we just take temporary break from Tohoku series

On This Under Live,
we are tried to do different approach than before

Through this Tohoku Series,
we want to showing off our skill,
or you could said it [Expression Power] in rough way

with that big shaft,
we want to provide one of the story to the entire live

let's open our music in different drawer, or
let's feel our original music color,  

But it's hard to explain it in sentences (yes it is).
but after all, I think it was performances with the most different stance until now 

For those who know the Under Live up until now,
I think that you could reflect something from this live 

we have an image that our percentage on every live is 
we did it with full force, recklessly, and produce sweat.

But on this Live,
you could see clearly the contrast between "static" and "dynamic" in our staging

For people who came for the first time,
maybe you could feel sort of [Nogizaka rashisa] feelings

snuggled up on each song,
Once again, 
I hope we could transmitted you the goodness of the music that Nogizaka have.

two years since the first Under live,

Now we Jump out from Tokyo,
get around the country,
and also do Under Live.........

I thought that we are carrying a heavy burden.
because we go as behalf of Nogizaka46,
the first impression of this group,
we could give it better or worse..

so that's why there also the pressure.
after the live ended, when we got back to hotel at night,
I read comments from everyone 

[Thanks for coming to our town!]
[My first Nogizaka live, it's really fun!]

there's a lot of people who said that
I'm really happy( ;  ; )

With this Live opportunity,
I would be happy if you could be more interested in Nogizaka46, 
Under member, or each one of us.

Renachi-san, Ranze, Kotoko,
let's sing [Futougou] with full 19 member !

Staffs-san who believed in our potential,
and also organized our tour, 
thank you very much

and then, more than anything,
for everyone who came from far away, 
and everyone who supporting us from a long distance

really thank you very much ! !

Ikoma-chan !
since the first time when this tour decided,
she is really happy than anyone, thank you for your support !

it was successfully finished (・∀・)♡

Every Sunday Night, is time for Rajira Sunday !

the guest from seiyuu artist is Mimori Suzuko-san
and from Nogizaka is Hoshino Minami-chan !

this time e-mail theme are ;

◯ Messages for Minami-chan
◯ My number one sister showdown 
◯ Orihime talk session
◯ Hitorinori himetan

eh? seriously ?
we do hitorinori himetan again ?

we just entering new fiscal year,
why this corner is back again....

you can submit your letter from here ;


Under Member x Bicycle
everyone's personality are packed in the page !

I tried once to ride it, but I'm bad at handle it
I apologize for inconvenience during the shooting ( >_< ) 
It made me want to do touring !


the theme is [ the young wife] !
So, please look at it with the mood as husband..
ah... it's embarrassing to said it by my self.

my mature face, childish face, or both,
I wonder if you could enjoy it  (´。•ω•。`)

◯ B.L.T.

It's about he girl who just come to Tokyo

Who took one step for chasing the dream, 
with positive feelings,
also lonely feeling because have been far away from home

I wonder if some people can relate to it ?
in fact, I am also one of it ( ˆωˆ )

~ announcements ~

4/26  Young Champion
4/27  Radio Program Guide 2016 Magazine
4/30  Monthly Entame
5/5    Excavation ! Treasure Galeria
5/8    BOMB

Young Champion-san is being released tomorrow !
I've been allowed to take as cover + intro gravure !
it's tomorrow yo ! tomorrow ! let me said once again, it's tomorrow yoo !

Because the cover is already published in YC official twitter,
so please check it out~ 

it also have my poster,
and also come with clear file 
Too nice. I wonder if there's demand for it...........

I love job to taken in gravure as an idol 

Songs for 2nd album are already announced right ?

the song I'm singing are ;
◯  欲望のリインカーネーション / Yokubo no Reincarnation - Reincarnation of Greed
1st generaton - under member. It's on all types

◯ 失恋したら、顔を洗え!/ Shitsuren shitara,  Kao wo Arae ! - when you have a broken heart, wash your face !
(With Nogidan Music. It's on Type C)

Both are nice songs!


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