Friday, April 1, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160331


Recently the title numbering are disorganized  ( >_< )

it's happening again now,
thanks for everyone who pointed it out.
please forgive me~

Team Nagoya ! 

On Saturday, we appeared in various media
thanks for taking care of us ( ˇωˇ )

◯ Tokai Terebi Style Plus (Already on air) 
◯ Me~tele Derusata !
◯ Me~tele BOMBER-E 4/5,4/12 
◯ Chunichi Sports

Everyone who living in area broadcast, 
please check it out !

On Sunday, 
I participated in Noogizaka46 3rd generation seminar ( ˇωˇ )

I haven't experience something like this before, so
I think it's really a nice experience.
it was feels like school briefing session !

Everyone are interested in Nogizaka-chan~
and then participated on this event~ I'm so happy~

that was such a valuable times for me.
everyone who participated,
Thank you very much !

Every Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

Last week guest was Toyosaki Aki-san,
and from Nogizaka was Hashimoto Nanami-chan~!

it has been a long time since Nanamin last appearance !
she said she want to come to Rajira again,
we are so happy to hear that o(^o^)o

too bad I was lost again in showdown project.
but it was fun~~ so it's okay~♪
Next time I will do my best to win~

On this week, there are a little change on the program

20:05 ~ The program started
20:10 ~ Seiyuu Artist
21:05 ~ Himeka-chan appear

My turn is become a little early (^o^)
don't miss it~ and please listen to it !

this week seiyuu artist guest is Minori Chihara-san,
and from Nogizaka is Hori Miona-chan

it become continuous rajira week for me,
Rajira first week on April is Nogizaka turn yo~~!

This time mail theme are;

◯ Love ♡ Zombie Showdown
◯ Nogizaka46 3rd generation will be like what?
◯ Ultimeate > < Unequality
◯ Supporting message for Mio-chan

Regular corner,
request song, and other~
we are waiting for your mail \(^o^)/

you can submit it from here;

ah that's right, it's become new fiscal year again now.

Rjira Sunday is
part of NHK Radio dai-ichi
Every Sunday start from 20:05~
it will brought to you in live broadcast

Smartphone user could listen to it by
download [Rajiru ☆ Rajiru] application~♪

On odd week is Nogizaka turn,
but it can also be SKE48-san turn.
Because usually there are schedule changes,
please check the official site for more information.

If I already post announcement from official site in here,
you don't need to doubting me then (laugh)

Rajira Saturday! is every Saturday,
it's start from the same time like Rajira Sunday.
Please listen to it too~

On Nogichu last week,
[Futougou] studio live is delivered !

Because I didn't know that it's already on air last week,
I was kinda surprised (・∀・)
By looking at that you will know the singing part easily~

and please take a look when interlude part~

On 28 march there was Namadoru!
Me and maimai were allowed to be the guest~!
Matchun~Kannarin~Thank you very much♪

On Namadoru,
it always have feels like 'at home' atmosphere. 
It's because of Matchun and Kanarin personality-kana~?

[Harujion ga Sakukoro] have been released, 
then we did various panning based from new song tittle ~

It was so fun~!
Maimai Happy Birthday ♡

and there also Sony Record Live Broadcasting yesterday !

It was K-chan graduation special.

Since the program started, it's already 2 years..
K-chan as the MC and he always liven up the program.
Yesterday we were did meeting and sending him out.

In retrospect,
Sony Record recording it's always have relax feeling on it~

three of us did heartwarming talk, 
reading mails from everyone, 
and receive a lot of stimulus from artist-san that coming.

that place is a learning place for me,
an oasis,
to be on this program for half a year..
I really feel so happy (´。•ω•。`)

the loose atmosphere feeling,
I thought that was something that no one can targeting
On this program Staff-san and K-chan  said,
just relax..
you don't need to follow the script,
you can do anything in here, it's alright.

what a lovely program right !?!

me, and also everyone who watched this program,
I don't know if you noticed it or not..
but, before we could become befriend, my mask that covering me ( to befriend ) was somehow quick thick (laugh)

and finally,
recently I feel like I have get used to it already,
and every recording become and always fun

so that's why I feel so lonely, 
For me, Sony Record is an importance presence for me.( ˇωˇ )

This program will temporarily stop on this spring

Spring is that kind of season right ? (full grad)
when I heard it I just can feel lonely feeling,
but then Staff-san told Ami and me

[Absolutely, we will do this again later!
this is not the end !] ( ˇωˇ )

so, that was not the last times.
until the day we come back again,
everyone, please wait for it !


4/2 Gravure the television
4/6 Top Yell
4/10 Marquee
4/15 EX-taishu
4/22 BRODY
4/23 UTB

On this month!
in fact there will be something, so please wait a bit more.
I will announce it later o(^o^)o

about the new song, about Nagoya Live,
about the Tohoku tour that soon are starting,
and about being 20 years old~~something like that
I'm allowed to did various of talk,
so please check it out~

NOGIBINGO!6 it's starting in April !
Nogino[no] time is changed right~?
NogiKoi pre-registration also seems to have begun

 there's a lot of it, and it's seems tiring..
but please check all of it ! ! !

ah, SUUMO movie Making video is already published, 
please check the official channel site and don't forget to watch it~~


ps: another long blog from Hime... I hate graduation ;A;


  1. Thank you once again for translating Himetan's posts!

    She seems to be showing up everywhere of late, I'm really happy for her. I just hope she doesn't get ignored again for the next senbatsu...

    1. your welcome. I will do my best :bow:

      yup! hime for senbatsu ~!