Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160418


There were Handshake events in Makuhari Messe on Saturday and Sunday !

everyone who coming,
thank you very much (^o^)

In nationwide handshake meeting on saturday,
it has live performance and pair handshake !

[Futougou] first performance~
this time we are carrying this song,
and there are many performances in Tohoku Series, 
I hope our power could reached to everyone

but we can't perform it with full member, (Zakichi, Kotoko, and Ranze gonna absent on this Tohoku Series)
that's too bad( ;  ; )

I hope someday we can perform it with full member (19 people)
I was paired with Maaya in Nationwide handshake meetings !

Hiroshima combi, Born in April combi,
it was a lane full of congratulations !
maaya~I love you~

everyone who came to play,
thank you very much \(^o^)/

On Sunday, there was Individual handshake meetings !

at that time, the wind were so strong~
people who keep coming on that situation, thank you very much,

I was so anxious because it was my first time 5 block, 
and there was also my birthday celebration.
but I was be able to spend a lot of fun time ( ˇωˇ )

many people said 
"Happy Birthday~!"
and it was surge of feelings !

We talked about BINGO, Magazine, Radio,
and other various topic, it's really fun~
and I thought that I want to work harder yo~!

1部 Down winding
2部 Braid x Butterfly pin
5部 Down winding weave

One piece
In the middle part I wear it with cardigan~

3部 Side ponytail
4部 twin tail 

My Birthday T-shirt
many people came and wear it too~!
wa-ii !

Everyone in birthday committee planning,
everyone who participated

member who came, 
Marika and Sayunyan as the moderator,
and Kiichan who read the letter,

really thank you very much ( ˆωˆ )♡

Every Sunday is time for Rajira Sunday !

it was 3 hours live broadcast.
we were hurriedly change the program contents,
to related to Earthquake that happened in Kumamoto and Oita.
we read submitted letter and also the requested song.

we heard real voice from everyone in the affected areas,
and also voice of encouragement from everyone in the whole country..
even we separated, 
we could become one and share the same time.

It's not an easy thing, (to united the country because of earthquake)
but it could be realized because it was Radio live broadcast,
because it's 'Rajira !' program,
we could share it on the same time together.

once again we could read letter from everyone,
and there was a lot of things to think about.
At that time I was in caller position, 
through radio I could feel that 
there's no "because I'm so far I couldn't do anything"

everyone who listening,
thank you very much !

On 1st May
The guest is Hoshino Minami-chan ♡

iyo~iyo~~ Tomorrow is Under Live!

In Tohoku, we will perform in 6 prefecture.
From us to everyone in local place,
We will deliver our performances

the atmosphere feelings in the venue,
and things that we are trying to challenge.. 
I can feel that it will be different from last month under live !

Renachi, Ranze and Kotoko will absent,
although it has become the minimum number,
but we will stand with feeling of 19 people in stage.

each member have various activity, like
schools, stage (theater) rehearsal, and works,
but they keep come to live rehearsal and do their best.

each time we get a lot of practical experience and it wasn't without meaning.
Through this Tohoku series 
we will power up and come back (to Tokyo) !

everyone in local place, sorry to bothering you ( ˇωˇ )
we are always looking forward to come here,
and finally we can meet, I feel honored

For those who will come to Nogizaka live for the first time,
We will do our best to make you to 'want to go and meet us again' !

please tell us about Delicious food, dialect, 
recommended souvenirs,  and other various things
also everyone who come from far away for us,
thank you very much ( ˇωˇ )

everyone who already know about under live,
it feels like a repeat but you are keep willing to come,
it's really encouraging us.

in fact to performing in place that far away from home,
there'll also people who get nervous and have not many experience (come to live performance).
we will be happy if you are be able to lead everyone.


4/22 BRODY
4/23 UTB
4/23 B.L.T.
4/26 Young Champion
4/27 Radio Program Guide 2016 Magazine
4/30 Monthly Entame
5/5 Excavation!treasure galeria
5/8 BOMB

I forgot to do announcement about Nogizaka46 SHOW

And I also forgot to record it..........

can someone show it to me.....eh~

The fastest person who send me happy birthday mail is Chiichan 


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